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  1. alok4best

    please suggest a 22-23 inch full hd monitor under rs 10000.

    Using Samsung Konect Plus (P2370MS) for around one year now...gives you a lot of connectivity options. Mine is currently connected to PC, Laptop, D2H, Speakers, and XBox simultaneously..watching HD is like a treat on this.
  2. alok4best

    Price hike again!!!

    My only point is...charge International prices...but bloody reduce taxes..this way we will still end up paying less.. and there is no point comparing BJP or Congress here.. at least during BJP's tenure none of us were buying sugar for 40rs a KG and Pulse for 100 a KG..lol..and people wont give...
  3. alok4best

    Price hike again!!!

    Exactly..this so called 'Subsidy' thing has always been used by Govt to cheat people. First they give subsidy on oil prices, which means Oil companies are in loss, and they they add heavy taxes, which means the customer is anyway paying more. I am in UK for around a year and Hi Octane Petrol is...
  4. alok4best

    Facebook Hacked!!!! :@

    Personally I always felt noone can just go and hack into ur gmail/yahoo/msn/orkut/fb account..I mean, u definitely have to do a mistake and leave ur personal data somewhere. Like u forgot to logout @ a cafe, a keylogger installed. U got trapped by a phising website. u didnt clear browser's...
  5. alok4best

    Price hike again!!!

    Govt giving subsidy on Petrol was always a joke. We all know how much tax they charge on Fuel..we wud still end up paying less for a litre if govt reduced the taxes and sold petrol/diesel @ International prices..
  6. alok4best

    You have to watch this electrocution

    I mean, it does not look like an accident to me.. was the guy drunk or something..and instead of getting down from the roof, he was walking and touched the Live Wire.. ---------- Post added at 02:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:26 AM ---------- I mean, it does not look like an...
  7. alok4best

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer......Awesome song...I am backing it for next year's grammy :P
  8. alok4best

    how to remove badsector from hdd

    yup, and most of the hard drives have some buffer(reserved) space which the os starts using to make up for bad sectors...U can use a floppy based program HDD Regenerator which is very good at masking off these physical bad sectors.
  9. alok4best

    Software for logging system temprature!

    CPUID...freeware which gives detailed info about ur computer. GPUID...for detailed info specific to ur grafics card.. I think upto 80 degress shud be okay for ur computer.. Anything above this may prove fatal... U might consider getting a laptop cooling pad. A good logitech pad costs around 1500...
  10. alok4best

    How to upscale a low quality video clip..??

    I am pretty much convinced that upscaling can never actually improve picture quality.. Softwares can surely fill in some details based on their algorithms, but u can't get the actual detail which was earlier lost while downscaling..
  11. alok4best

    Has this happened to you yet?

    Change ur language and regional settings to English US.. It must be set to UK. UK keyboards have different settings for few keys. Like Shift+2 -- > " instead of a regular @ . Shift+3 -- > £ instead of a regular #
  12. alok4best

    Which is best office (2007 or 2010)?

    having used all office versions as they have evolved, I think 2010 is defintely the best..I m using the beta since it was released and can't imagine going back to 2007.
  13. alok4best

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Renewal

    its not cheap becuase its an older version or anything.. Kaspersky are a smart company who price their product differently in all countries... by selling their license for 600rs in India, they are trying to reduce piracy..u can check out and u will find that Kaspersky have different prices for...
  14. alok4best

    Is there any Software that can record...?

    Fraps....for probably best audio/video quality as it does not encode videos... but yeah, file size will be use.. best advised to record with fraps and then encode to H.264 Avi with VirtualDubMod.
  15. alok4best

    Splitting video file

    Filesplitter... Freeware and splits/merges all kind of files. Free File Splitter
  16. alok4best

    logoff effect ???

    Actually it doesn't log you off...It only disconnects you. whenever you disconnect ur session all ur programs still keep on running, so the next time u connect , you will have everything working on you..Now I am not too sure how u can configure ur home machine to disconnect u if u r inactive for...
  17. alok4best

    best audio format for music

    One more vote to aac...its size is almost comparable to mp3, but sounds much better..crisp bass and nice clarity.
  18. alok4best

    wana buy 4gb pendrive, plz suggest

    Transcend, Kingston, Sandisk..all are around 700 I guess.
  19. alok4best

    Ipod prices in grey market?

    lol, lots of hypocrites in this forum. Will do illegal stuff, but won't discuss..:p
  20. alok4best

    Should I go for this int tv tuner?

    the video quality also depends on the cable connection which u have. Even I have intex internal card, and I can see all channels very clearly.
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