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  1. knight17

    New DTH connection. Is Videocon crap?

    Hi I am planning to take a new DTH connection. I earlier had Dish TV when it was introduced and signal/connection used to get disrupted at slight rains or even just cloudy skies (rain fade). Then suddenly our local cable improved and I switched to that; now the cable service is back to the...
  2. knight17

    A stylish lesson in humility from namma Rajni

    I don't see his movies. After reading this, feels like he is one gem of a man! ** A stylish lesson in humility from namma Rajni /churumuri.WordPress.com There will be many tales told about Rajnikanth in the next few days as Endhrian aka The Robot checks in to a screen near you. Many of them...
  3. knight17

    System for Graphics and CAD. Budget 45K w/o Monitor

    Mainly want to run PS, 3DS Max, Archi/AutoCAD and obviously gaming. Will be buying an external HDD later, so HDD should be of 500GB. No monitor, UPS required. RAM must be atleast 4GB I had scanned a few threads, and found this thread (Pls Suggest good config for Gaming PC <-link) request...
  4. knight17

    Which simple phone under 10.5K (Nokia 6300 or 5160 ?)

    I am looking to buy my first phone :-) I have no idea about mobiles, thier OSs. So, I hope to get some tips from you guys. My budget is Rs.10.5K Camera : Not necessary (but all phones have it now a days) Screen : 240 x 320 pixels (min) FM, Music I've considers Nokia 6300 and Nokia 5310. If you...
  5. knight17

    M.Sc Software Engineering [?]

    Anyone here know about M.Sc Software Engineering course, integrated 5 years one. I want to know whether you are given a single certificate or two? Any help is appreciated?
  6. knight17

    Yahoo! Mash new social network from Yahoo! (Invites Available)

    From : http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/sizlopedia/~3/156877735/ If you want an invite please PM me..
  7. knight17

    Microsoft entering the robotics segment

    Microsoft aims to bring robotics technology to the masses with programming software to ease the development of new applications, replicating an approach it adopted in the early days of the personal computer industry. "It really is like a little bit of deja vu," said Trower, a 24-year veteran...
  8. knight17

    Guide to a free domain name

    Free Domain Name Providers Free Domain(s) Offered - .com .net .org Website - www.officelive.com Nameserver Control - No Forced Ads - Yes, text ads on top Requirements - Site must be English, and you must be a resident of the USA. Time Registered - Unlimited Free Domain Limit -...
  9. knight17

    Information Warfare.

    Information Warfare Information warfare is a strategy for undermining a military enemy's data and information systems, while defending and leveraging one's own information edge. This type of war has no front line; potential battlefields are anywhere networked systems can be accessed --oil and...
  10. knight17

    Offline Searching using Webaroo

    Webaroo is a new service which allows you to search even when you are not connected to the net. How It Works Webaroo is a free software program and service that lets you search and browse real web pages without a connection. Webaroo's advanced technology makes it simple for you to take the...
  11. knight17

    [Big Screenshot] New Yahoo! Mail Beta... and you're invited.

    Today when i logged into my account i got an invitation for Yahoo! Mail beta. I think it is good looks like an e-mail client,nice interface. Here is a screenshot of the new interface But one thing I wasnt able to acess it using Opera as a browser.[First Bug] Guys what do...
  12. knight17

    Avatar problem:Reducing the size of .gif avatar

    Hello all, I need your help to reduce the size of this avatar to less that 10 KB. So that i can host it on digit as my new avatar.Can any one suggest any idea for that? Thanks in Advance knight17
  13. knight17

    A beginers guide to protect from spyware using Adaware

    :?: Protecting your PC with Adaware :arrow: From http://www.download.com
  14. knight17

    Any ad blocking software

    Can you suggest an ad blocking software for me i use both firefox and opera i am using adblock with opera any help is appreciated
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