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    Which is a better laptop??

    Acer Aspire 5053ANWXMi Acer Aspire 4710Z NWXMi Acer Aspire 4520 NWXMi Kindly suggest me which is better laptop. As I am totally confused between these laptops. Also if possible suggest a good laptop, max budget 35K. I have checked in Pune, the above laptops are well within...
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    Using laptops with pirated software abroad

    I want to know, what happens if a person from India uses a laptop abroad..say in US or UK or any other developed nation, with pirated software loaded in it,like the OS and the office suite. In our country it doesnt matter much, but does it matter abroad(especially while using internet) , like...
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    java antivirus

    i have a SE w550i cell phone, i want to install an antivirus on the cellphone. is there an antivirus available for the SE phones??? please help thanx in advance
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    problem while upgrading the firmware of sony mobile

    i have downloaded the sony update service prog, it says first switch off the mobile, remove ur sim card and REPLACE THE BATTERY. what do they mean by replacing the battery..............the battery is neway placed in the phone???? please help me. thanx in advance
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    how to flash the firmware of sony mobiles.

    can we upgrade or flash the firmware of the mobiles at home using computer??? if yes please elaborate the procedure of doing it. thanx in advance harsh
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    Price of SE w550i????

    i enquired in my local market, they say its arnd 12500/- but no one cud confirm the price as they did not had the piece readily available. please help. thanx in advance.
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    Cell under 10K

    I want to purchase to cell phone for under 10K. please help me. I want atleast following features in the cellphone. FM Radio Bluetooth Large memory ability to use the phone as a pen drive. please help me. Also i have heard that Sony Ericsson phones usually have...
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    AMD LIVE! Logo Leaked, Launch Imminent

    AMD's LIVE! program takes one more step towards a holiday 2006 launch We just received word via AMD memos that the LIVE! initiative is finally starting to solidify. The new LIVE! logo, featured right, will show up on all new systems built by AMD that fill the requirements for media and home...
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    problem while uninstalling software

    when i try to uninstall a few software from my pc they give a error "Could not find INSTALL.LOG" even though the install.log file is present in their folder also some software are uninstalled without any problem. please help me and thanx in advance
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    double click to open

    few days ago i installed some vista transformation pack on winXP and whenever i double click on the folder the search window use to open, now when i have uninstalled the pack still when i double click a folder search window opens instead of the folder getting open. I know this has to be...
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    Price of a Switch,needed urgently

    I want to purchase a switch or hub which would be capable of taking in 8 or 16 connnections. I want to purchase this as soon as possible, so please tell me its price and good company for it. thanks in advance
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    Problem running Matlab 7 rev.14

    I have installed Matlab 7 rev.14 but the program does not starts i.e. when I double click on the icon the Matlab window opens and at the bottom left of the window it shows "initializing",but as soon as this word goes thew window abruptly closes and no error is displayed. I am using WinXP with...
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    Warning: Your CPU Fan Fail

    When I start my computer sometimes I get this warning stating "CPU Fan Fail". I opened the cabinet to check but the CPU fan was working i.e rotating properly and no wires are hamprering the air flow. This problem starting occuring after I installed my new Graphic Card(Leadtek 6600LE)...
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    Gainward 6600

    In the septemebr issue Digit magazine carried the review of PCIe graphic cards. In that review one of the card was Gainward 6600 256MB.Its price was just around 5000/-. I want to purchase this card and can anyone tell me the place in mumbai where I can get this card. Also if anyone is...
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    is 6200 good enough

    I want to purchase 6200 graphic card. Is is good enough to play all the latest games and also the upcoming games. What i mean is the with this card I should be able to play all the games atleast till the next one year at decent frame rates. Also tell me which company's card should I...
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    What is the IC number

    I have posted the image of my burned 6600GT at the link below. One of the IC has burned and my dealer says that if he can get the IC number than he can replace the burnt IC for sure. The IC on my graphic card is burnt and the Ic number cant be seen. Fellow users I am sure many of you...
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    can i convert DVD movie into VCD format

    I recently shot some video in a party using Sony Handycam directly on DVD,now i want to convert this DVD videos into VCD format is this possible? please tell me. thanx in advance
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    how to disable DMA support for DVD writer in WinXP

    I want to disable DMA support for my DVD writer in WinXp so that i can upgrade the firmware of the writer. documentation of upgrade says that i shld disable the DMA support first. Please help and thanx in advance.
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    how to rip these dvd

    i have got some dvds which have 3-4 movies per dvd. Now i want to convert these movies into divx format seperately(i.e each movie shld be in one divx file) ,how do i do this. please help me. thanx in advance
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    how to identify DDR400 RAM

    i recently purchased two 512MB RAM of Transcend DDR400. Now someone told me 400 in the term DDR400 stands for the frequency at which the RAM chips run is it true? If yes is there any wat to findout what is the Freq at which the RAM is running. Also i downloaded cpu-z and on the SPD page...
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