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    Suggest a high quality tv tuner card

    Hi Friends, I have Samsung 2033SW 20'' LCD Monitor. I want to use this monitor as LCD tv. Please suggest me a high quality tv tuner card so that it is good to view in 20 inch wide screen Monitor. My budget is 5k. Thanks in Advance...
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    Help regarding partitioning my disk

    Hello friends, Recently, I have stuck up with a new problem. Actually i have 43gb in partition (F:) out of that 24gb are free space... So I decided to create a new partition using that 24 gb.... I tried lot of softwares to create partition but nothing helped... When i use partition magic...
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    How to secure my Bsnl Broadband connection that is connected using a wifi modem???

    Hello friends, I am using Bsnl Broadband connection. I am in Home500C plan. I got type4 modem from bsnl i.e it has a wifi and 4 ethernet connection. Now my question is how to protect my wifi connection from unauthorized access... Whenever i switch on my modem, it is accessible to the outside...
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    Help regarding Bsnl Broadband connection...

    Hello friends, I have a clarification regarding the billing structure of bsnl. Actually I am in Home500C plan. According to that plan, they told that from night 2.00 to 8.00 no volume will be considered for billing. Usually I use torrents for downloads during 2 to 8. When I see my account usage...
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    Help in choosing LCD monitor + Tv tuner card..

    Hello friends, I need your help in choosing LCD monitor + Tv tuner card.... Main purpose for viewing tv... So 22" monitor would be better... I would like to buy a higher end tv tuner card so that quality of pic is good... My budget for Tv tuner card is 5k and For lcd monitor is 15k...
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    Need help regarding converting my divx(avi) videos into 3gp

    Hello friends, I have to convert my avi(divx) videos into 3gp format... I tried lot of softwares but my phone says the format not supported. I have Nokia 5610 XM.. Please suggest a good converter to convert the videos... thanks in advance...
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    Need Help in deleting a folder

    Recently in my system i saw a folder with no name. I tried to delete that, but it says some error. I have attached the error screenshots with this thread. Please help me to delete the folder.... Thanks in advance...
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    How to share internet connection b/w two PCs

    Hello Friends, Recently I bought a CPU, I use the old one for connecting internet. Now I have connected a LAN cable b/w these two pcs. I want to share the internet connection that is available in old Pc for the new one. I am using Microsoft XP. I connect the net using a DSL modem (Airtel...
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    Which will you prefer SEw810i or SEw580i?

    Hello friends, After some comments from our forum members, i have decided to buy either SEw810i or SEw580i... I want you guys to compare each and every aspect of the phone.. like which is good in music, which has good cam, which one comes with nice headphone,etc... you rate each and...
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    What is mean by 3G?

    Hello friends, many of the threads i have gone through this keyword 3G.. Actually what is mean by 3G.. what are the features of this...
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    Suggest me a Good Phone..

    Hello friends... I have decided to buy a new mobile... My budget is 8k-12k... I will give first preference for Music then camera and then browsing... I asked my friends shall i buy SEk810i or SEk790i... they said that these two mobiles are old.. Now you guys suggest me a nice phone in...
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    Dell 3yr Complete protection Vs 1yr Complete Protection... Suggestion needed

    Hello friends, I have a idea of buying dell inspirion 1720, exclusively for desktop replacement. I confused with which plan to choose... 3yr Complete protection or 1yr Complete Protection.. 3 yr plan costs 11k extra.. Is it worth for paying 11k for protection.... Need your...
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    What is the difference between N95(4GB) and N95(8GB)

    Hello friends, I have a idea of buying N95(4GB). My budget is only 25k... I want to know whether there is any big difference between these two models other than memory... whether to buy N95(4GB) or wait and buy N95(8GB)....
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    How to create virtual drive using Nero?

    Hi friends, How to create virtual drive using Nero?
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    How to format and reinstall OS?

    Hello friends, My friend is having HCL Beanstalk 4998 Media center PC. Now he wants to format and reinstall OS. How to reinstall OS? He is having 2 CD's named as recovey cd.. How to format and reinstall OS using that recovery cd?
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    What is the minimum requirement for a External TV Tuner Card?

    Hi friends, I have a pretty old system.. The configuration is P III 1.0GHz 384 MB RAM 20GB Hard Disk I would like to watch tv channels using my computer. I have a idea of buying a External Tv Tuner Card. Whether I can use that External Tv Tuner Card in my system? or What...
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    what is mean by overclocking?

    Hello friends, I am new to the forum. I read some threads, which frequently use the word overclocking... I come across this word, while talking about mobo and processors... Can anyone explain what that means... Thanks in advance...
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    How to assemble a PC..

    Hello friends, I am interested in assembling a PC... Can any one help me how to assemble a PC.. If you provide picture, it will be comfortable... Thanks in Advance..
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    want to know difference b/w Dual core and Core 2 Duo

    Hello friends, I would like to know the difference between Dual Core and Core 2 Duo processor... This was the question asked in my interview... Thanks in Advance
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    How to partition a new Hard disk...

    Hello friends, Recently I have bought a 120GB external hard disk... It has a single partition 120GB... How to partition that hard disk? Thanks in Advance...
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