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    nbody seen sin city or pulp fiction?

    pulp fiction is nice.. sin city is a big bore .. u will only appreciate it if you like cine effects in a movie
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    Need Help Buying Digicam

    hmm i will try it out.. hey anyone heer who owns powershot a540 or made similar purcahses at alpha with or without bill.. how was the experience.. is the stuff available there any good.. pls tell me how r the goods brought there workung..any problems faced ?
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    Need Help Buying Digicam

    thnx..can u tell me if u own it.. if u do..can u giv me a review on its performance..thnx again nikon is a bit expensive 4 mebut can u suggest suitable models i hav the sept issues but i must state i did not like it much as it leaves much to ask for..so no use 4 me in there i was...
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    Need Help Buying Digicam

    hi guys, buying my 1st digicam need ur help with suggestions as of now my choices are samsung digimax s500 or i can stretch it to canon powershot a540 i got the price for both but am not sure abt my 2n nd choice on canon site the price for camera states 14,995 at jjmehta...
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    Still from Video?

    u can use vlc.. hypersnap..powerdvd..all 3 do a nice job
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    Massive Storage Options (apart from DVDs)

    well u can opt for dual layered dvds and minimise the no of dvd's as for hdd sizes available in india 400gb is the max limit..i doubt their are hdd with size greater than 400 gb yet (may be wrong here) u can always opt for 2 400gb hdds.. but not sure if the os will be able to recognise...
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    Installing Win98 on 915

    i believe, all motherboards above 845 by intel have been optimised to support newer os versions however in doing so they hav neglected the older os's which may be a problem for some as the older os installed will not be able to use all its features
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    URGENT HELP: How to PrintScreen Graphics n TurboC3?

    see if this helps while in tc.. press alt+e or alt+enter key u get tc in window form now maximise it as much possible and take a printscreen
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    hi people, here a few screenshots of the new ms office 12 suite chk out the new interface Edit by Deep: Images removed. and thread locked - already posted here: http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28576 hope u like these
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    [By Demand] Digit June 2005 DVD

    umm, maybe out of my mind to ask this ... but how abt dvd 1: all the latest softwares (u can choose soem a;lready listed before this post) :twisted: dvd 2: all te games request made be4 thsi post ( my request : gothic 2 if possible) :twisted: dvd 3: u can include abt 3-4 linux...
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    by copy if u mean a copy of original its against forum rules.. again y 2 posts on same page
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    win 32 application

    the problem is not with the os.. i thnk the softwares u hav got are either in zipped format or compressed and they have gone corrupt the steup file mght have gone corrupt
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    54 LINUX CDS (fast ftp)..

    To mods.. i am sorry if this any of this is considered as warez ... i am not sure.. i only posted because some of the stuff has already been provided with digit dvd Aurox 9.3 live Aurox 9.3 stable...
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    ms access

    hi ms access and html are 2 different things ms access is a complete database management system while html or hypetxt markup language is just used to create web pages ...it only tells how the page should look and nothing else ms access is used to store data in a database so that...
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    MS Visual Studio .NET && C# ???

    install .net framework.. free download.. or available on digit cds open notepad.. write c# programs.. save text file with <filename.cs> extension open command prompt.. travese to the dir where u saved the file type cs <filename> mind u i thnk it only works for console based applications
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    What is TRP Rating?????????

    TRP ratings are nothing but TELEVISION RATINGS POINT All Agencies follow ratings to support a program. The only other way to gauge the success of a program is to see if it has made an impact amongst the audience. If the serial is popular, you will find people discussing the movement of the...
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    Anti-Santy worm on the prowl

    An anti-Santy worm that uses search engines to spread among online bulletin boards has been spotted, a security company has reported. chk the report here http://news.com.com/Anti-Santy+worm+on+the+prowl/2100-7349_3-5508607.html?part=rss&tag=5508607&subj=news.7349.20
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    folder lock

    hmm.. first of all welcome to the forum next.. whenever u make request.. use the golden word "please" ur statement is nothing short of an order ... pls rephrase it next time :evil: now for ur question u can lock ur folders in diff ways --> create an admin acc.. rgth click folder u...
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    Windows XP SP2

    nice to know the links helped u.. still not clear y u didnt wanna download from teh official ms site :twisted: anyways as jeba says :peace:
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    Java Java Java

    hmm i know java, beans, jdbc, rmi.. besides the tech's u mentioned there are some called as java struts, jini.. i dunno much abt them.. u can try finding more info on them
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