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    Survey on Credit Cards

    I am a second year M.Tech student of NIT Calicut. My main project is about analyzing the behavior of Credit Card users and finding the factors which affects the adoption of Credit cards in India. A questionnaire survey is included in it. If you have a credit card, please participate in this...
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    Market Survey: Mobile Phone Network Service Providers in India..

    We are MTech students of National Institute of Technology, Calicut.. In Industrial Engineering and Management. As the part of our mini project in Marketing Management, we conducted this survey.. Questionnaire and Presentation PPT ..... Questionnaire: Mobile Phone Network Service Providers...
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    How to buy a dell laptop??

    I have decided to buy a dell laptop which costs around 35k.. but still in confusion, how to buy it!! By online will takes 15 days to receive my product.. if i go to an authorised retailer, i will get it on that day itself but i heard they will charge additional 4k rupees (a lap costing 35k via...
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    CorbyPro B5310 Price: Rs.11,100 (May 2010) Samsung CorbyPro, one of the best mobile phones available in the world today (Source: Techradar.com). When I say this, you will be laughing, but it’s a fact. It contains everything you need. At this price, it’s a decent buy...
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    Best laptop at 30k..

    My budget is 30-32k.. i need a laptop for net surfing, watching movies and desktop publishing.. i dont need netbooks.. pls tell me a good lap.. dell and hp preferred.. pls help me..
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    Best mobile under 5.5k...

    My budget is 5.5k.. pls tell me a good phone, Nokia or Samsung only.. I dont need 3G.. a phone only for Messaging and Calling.. MP3 player, FM, Expandable Memory and a very good camera.. which one is better?? pls recommend a good camera phone..
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    Battery Problem in Samsung CorbyPro..

    I bought samsung CorbyPro last week.. at normal usage, battery lasts only for 1.5 days.. even after recharging fully.. i wont use mp3 player, FM or net. just messaging.. still i'm getting only 1.5 days!! so do i need to replace battery from service centre??
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    Digit December 2007 Issue- Ultimate request

    Hello, We all get the June anniversary issue of digit in our hands. Did it worth for Rs 200. 1CD, 1DL DVD, 1Movie DVD, Fast Track and Magazine. Yes or No I don’t ask you. Look forward to the next big issue, the December issue. I put forward this request to the digit team. Can you deliver this...
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    Need help in installing Windows XP

    My PC has 2 hard disks, 20GB and 40GB. In first disk there is Windows 98 in C, Windows XP in D and Mandrake Linux in last partition. There is no OS in 2nd hard disk and also there is about 7GB unpartitioned space in 2nd hard disk. Now can I install one more Windows XP into this unpartitioned...
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