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    First pics of AMD "Juniper" DX11 cards surface

    the card looks good
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    HP India returns money for 2 year old laptop

    Good work. Cases like yours, will force these MNC's to provide better quality products to their customers
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    Acer 4520 Gemstone

    ya man....try to post the review ASAP. I am planning to purchase the same lappy.
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    Which is a better laptop??

    Acer Aspire 5053ANWXMi Acer Aspire 4710Z NWXMi Acer Aspire 4520 NWXMi Kindly suggest me which is better laptop. As I am totally confused between these laptops. Also if possible suggest a good laptop, max budget 35K. I have checked in Pune, the above laptops are well within...
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    Using laptops with pirated software abroad

    hey thanx all of you for your replies.
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    Using laptops with pirated software abroad

    I want to know, what happens if a person from India uses a laptop abroad..say in US or UK or any other developed nation, with pirated software loaded in it,like the OS and the office suite. In our country it doesnt matter much, but does it matter abroad(especially while using internet) , like...
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    What's the solution for this problem?

    nilesh ur pc is ineeded P3, coz P3 started from 450Mhz, 500Mhz and so on. U can also try updating XP with the latest patches and also getting rid of some useless program in the system tray.
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    Hardware Comparisons.

    cabinet go for Zebronics and overall an cabinet will do but a sturdy Power Supply is needed. Go for either Antec, CoolerMaster or Zebronics power Supply
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    ATI Radeon X600XT vs Nvidia 6600LE

    Nvidia 6600LE is a good gfx card but it fails badly in FEAR, have to play at 800*600 resolution to get decent frame rates, it depends on which games u wanna play. Dunno much about ATi one , sorry.
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    mobo with both AGP 8x and PCIe x16

    i dont see any point in going in for this combo motherboard...........better upgrade for PCIe mobo and a decent grx card.
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    Sun introduces 8-core Processor!!

    i have seen this 8 core proccy at work, it was code named 'Naigara'. we have been to sun microsystems, bangalore for study tour. they actully compared the intel offerings at that time and thier on test 'naigara' and showed us the results, its seemed atleast 4 times faster than the intels...
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    java antivirus

    i have a SE w550i cell phone, i want to install an antivirus on the cellphone. is there an antivirus available for the SE phones??? please help thanx in advance
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    problem while upgrading the firmware of sony mobile

    i have downloaded the sony update service prog, it says first switch off the mobile, remove ur sim card and REPLACE THE BATTERY. what do they mean by replacing the battery..............the battery is neway placed in the phone???? please help me. thanx in advance
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    how to flash the firmware of sony mobiles.

    even i read about the sony update service................is it similar to antivirus updates and all...........here we are just updating the firmware of our mobile???? also cant we just download the update and then install it later on????
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    how to flash the firmware of sony mobiles.

    can we upgrade or flash the firmware of the mobiles at home using computer??? if yes please elaborate the procedure of doing it. thanx in advance harsh
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    Price of SE w550i????

    i enquired in my local market, they say its arnd 12500/- but no one cud confirm the price as they did not had the piece readily available. please help. thanx in advance.
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    Cell under 10K

    I want to purchase to cell phone for under 10K. please help me. I want atleast following features in the cellphone. FM Radio Bluetooth Large memory ability to use the phone as a pen drive. please help me. Also i have heard that Sony Ericsson phones usually have...
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    AMD LIVE! Logo Leaked, Launch Imminent

    AMD's LIVE! program takes one more step towards a holiday 2006 launch We just received word via AMD memos that the LIVE! initiative is finally starting to solidify. The new LIVE! logo, featured right, will show up on all new systems built by AMD that fill the requirements for media and home...
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    Monitor display is all Pink.

    check out for the speakers nearby or some equipment radiating magnetic field,most of the monitor are magneticlly shielded but just try it it might work also try the solution suggested by wizrulz, i.e bring a diff monitor and check it if that works fine u just need to repair the cord connecting...
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