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    want to self study java

    want to learn java on my own.. any tips? like where to start from.. cuz i have done it in the course a bit.. i am familiar with the idea of classes and objects.. i am thinking of starting from servlets and jsp.. would that be cool or should i start it from the scratch because i want to assist a...
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    how to keep the laptop clean..?

    i have this CS model of VAIO which is a bit shiny. When i use it, my fingerprints leave markings on the wrist resting areas and then dust gathers in those fingerprint areas.. color is black and dust is visible to naked eye.. it looks very untidy.. is there any way i can keeep it clean..? how...
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    New Vista PC's 'Will Get Free Windows Upgrade".. Is this True?

    Is this true?
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    somebody stole my laptop

    i had sony vaio and it got stolen.. but i still hav got the charger.. i hav heard that it is pretty much expensive.. i had purchased the laptop three months back.. the condition of the charger is as good as a new one.. i havnt told my parents that i have lost my laptop.. so still got to go...
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    worried about career..

    i am doing b tech in computer science( 3rd year ) and i am worried about my career afterwards.. i dont know whether i m going to be placed in a company due to economic slow down.. can anybody suggest something to be done in the meantime..
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    game wont run in full screen ?

    when i try to run need for speed most wanted on my laptop but it wont run in full screen mode.. i hav vaio cr-353 .. how can i solve this problem?
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    wi-fi wont detect any signals in Fedora 10

    i just installed fedora 10 on vaio CR353... I just switch on the Wi-fi and it detects my router and i surf internet right away.. the problem in fedora 10 is that it is not detecting any signals.. it is not detecting my router.. what should i do to solve the problem..? I am able to browse thru...
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    will world in conflict run on my laptop smoothly?

    T8100 processor 2.1 Ghz 2 Gb ram Ati X2300
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    Media players not working...

    i am using fedora 9 and have installed 1. VLC 2. Gnome Mplayer 3. XIne 4. Real player 11 5. Movie player When i try to play any divX files in them.. 1. VLC just crashes 2. there is sound in Gnome M player but dont show the video 3. Xine just shows a white screen neither audio nor video 4...
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    6 months industrial training abroad

    i am doing computer engineering and i want to know if i can do the six month training abroad? if yes, what would be the procedure for that?
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    mandriva spring versions...

    what is the difference between mandriva linux 2008 and mandriva spring 2008 with subscription? http://www.mandriva.com/en/download/free and http://store.mandriva.com/index.php?cPath=149&language=en
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    which version do vista supports?

    i want to know which version of oracle database windows vista supports. I m an engineering student and have to install database practice. Earlier i was using oracle 9i on windows XP.
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    what should i do now?

    today i bought creative Inspiron 4.1 for my laptop .. but when i tried to connect there was only one slot on my laptop for speakers.. so when i put the wire into that slot i was able to get sound from only two speakers and not from the other two.. what should i do now? is there any way out?
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    should i get the laptop laminated?

    bought a sony vaio laptop. its outer part is pretty shining and whenever i carry it, fingerprints gets embursed on it.. i want to know that can i get it laminated in order to prevent it from scrathces also.. and what abt the screen?
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    ankit fadia's seminar..

    day before yesterday ankit fadia came to our college for a seminar and hacked the bsnl website in no time.. the seminar was pretty good and we learnt a lot but at the end he told us about his hacking course version 3.0 which wud be taught to the enrolled students online on reliance world...
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    sharing reliance broadband on 4 lappy's

    got a new broadband connection from reliance today.. but i m confused about sharing it on 4 laptops all equipped with wi-fi's.. they hav a very different sort of fitting in which you dont need a modem to connect to the internet a direct cable comes and we can put it into the ethernet slot. i...
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    how to do custom partioning...?

    bought a sony vaio and its preloaded with vista home premium... i want to install linux on it.. can anyone tell me how can i create other partitions and can install windows in a different partition ?
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    which headfone to buy??

    have bought a new laptop and need to buy a good headfones... saw a sony 0.6K headfones but dont knw how good are they... which headfones sud i buy?
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    is this the rite choice for 60K

    should i purchase VAIO VGN-FZ35GN http://vaio-online.sony.com/prod_info/vgn-fz35gn/index.html price is 60K.. is this the right choice in this price tag?
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    suggest a successful person..

    i have to give a speech on a successful person of india like dhirubhai ambani.. can u please suggest a person on whom i should..?
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