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    Flash based website of First Annual Techno-cultural fest of PDPU

    Hey Guys and Gals,Check out this Flash based website of First Annual Techno-cultural fest of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar,Gujarat. These guys have really done handwork on the site.The Flash thing a marvelous. And these guys are planning to call JAL-the Pakistani Band As...
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    mobile virus problem....

    guys i have a serious problem.i have 3230.suddenly all my memory card data is not showing up.it does not shows me images or videos.but when i see my memory details it shows that my whole memory is full.when i opened my memory card on a computer it does not shows anything ang some files it shows...
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    fm radio for mobile recording.

    hi guys ,is there any way by which i can record fm on my 3230 mobile.
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    windows xp prob..

    hi guys. i am having a problem in windows xp.whenever i log into the computer it automatically opens my documents and then suddenly log off.can you help me out.
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    wap browser

    guys is there any wap browser that we can download on computer and can use it to open wap sites on computer.
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    nokia 5300,5200,3110 classic

    guys i just wanted to know if nokia 5200,5300,3110 classic support third party softwares,that is can we install new softwares in these mobiles like 6600.and do all the three can play video clips and in which format.thanks if anyone could help me
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    motorola modem help pleaseeeeeeeeeeee........

    i have problem.i have a sm56 pci motorola modem.when i bougt it ,win xp was not launched.so its driver cd does not supports xp.can i get a driver for xp so that i can run net on xp.please help.......
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