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    Can any one post basic LINUX commands..

    Old but still useful http://education.vsnl.com/cyberciti/linuxcom.htm
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    How to execute linux files with .iso extention

    Just one addition to this command is right but support for loop device must be compiled in kernel although many distro do have but just thought in case… and under windows you can use app winimage from http://www.winimage.com/ or m$ itself got small utility which act as virtual driver you can get...
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    How to mount the USB2.0 in mandrake 10.1 ?

    Almost all new disto comes with USB enabled these days Here is command to do so 1) Create mount point mkdir –p /mnt/usbhd 2) Get list of partitions fdisk –l 3) Your usb device assigned as mass USB storage and assicable as SCSI device 4) So if you got only one partition and no...
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    Considering lower price of hardware these days especially RAM you can easily go with vmware. Here is my system configuration Celeron 1.7 GHZ Windows XP SP2 512+256MB RAM 20 GB IDE ATA 100 HDD 845 Chipset board I run vmware under XP and runs at least 3 os at a time OBSD 3.6 FBSD 4.10...
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    1) Vmware is also good to start learning networking especially realted to Linux and BSD withoug paying high fees and purchasing switch, lan cards etc. 2) You can also try the new kernels 3) You can learn ethical hacking :D
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    Hi ya peoplez

    Hee GNUrag
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    Comparision Request on the Linux Brands...

    First these are not brands it is called distro or Linux distribution. What is Linux distribution ? Linux distribution = Linux Kernel + gnu utils + compilers +distribution utils Distribution utils = Installationg scripts/programs + config programs+ support+updates And yes makers like...
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    Tips n Tricks for Linux

    I have some tips @ myblog mostly useful for admins http://www.cyberciti.biz/nixcraft/vivek/blogger/linux-tips-and-tricks.php :D
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    Fedora Core 3 problems....

    Hey djmykey mail2and that is what i'm pointing search it or list is don't post same stuff again and again....
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    Fedora Core 3 problems....

    Do you have any idea that Linux and open source software are for nerds don’t blame to Linux and give special thanks to M$ as far as your problem concerns I wish you could have tried search in this forum only or better at google.co.in/linux
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    Did anyone tried PCQuest Linux 2005??

    Haven’t tried it personally I don’t like the all FCx stuff, it is always in beta and they (Red Hat) used it as test device to release final RHEL I like ubuntu much it is really open and quite stable too… your personal choice may very for PC ;)
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    LINUX> Free ? ? ?

    hey firewall buddy good explanation for newcomers :D
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    Pls Give Me Some Infos... about linux ...!!!

    Yes purchasing low cost boxes will help to keep going the development forever. Anyways if you have access to net then it is not a big deal or get mag or book with cd or just contact local LUG they gives lots of cds may be free or writing+cd charge
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    Workshop on GNU/Linux @ Mumbai

    GNUrag, that is really good thing! :D
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    Workshop on GNU/Linux @ Mumbai

    Okay that is one good think. But why the topics are such old? C’mon these days an even kid knows what Linux is. Either you should rename it to “Beginners Intro Workshop” or update the contents if they are meant for engineers only. Perhaps some of the suggested topics: Configuration of soft...
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    Sun Solaris 10

    login to solaris and type df -k
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    freeBSD amd64

    You must made some mistek
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    Sun Solaris 10

    I was board with sys admin job nothing was left from user admin. vpn to security i did everything. So i thought to change it and did it. I enjoy coding now. And i have edge over others I know security+coding == good pesa :) That is the logic and i changed it.
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    freeBSD amd64

    LOL it is not; if u r geek :P
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    Windows Alternative software in Linux

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