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    want to know more about cpu coolers

    well i know the importance of cpu cooling but dnt really no how coolers help nd if i need one or not. i dnt overclock rather i dnt know how to overclock i would if knew how to ... so i m begining wid da first step dat is to cool my pc ...plz help me decide wat cooler to buy nd my budget is not...
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    URGENT : plz help me buy a power supply and a cabinet

    since my power supply burned out the day i upgraded my pc ... i m planning to buy a new one ... plz suggest good a psu and a good pc case under 6k ... my pc config is: amd phenomIIX4 925 asus m2n68 1.160TB hdd 19" lcd 3gb ram ATI sapphire hd 4850 512mb i dnt over clock so plz dnt suggest very...
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