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    Please Rate This Laptop

    HELLO, I'M GOING TO BUY A LAPTOP FROM US (via relation) and please help deicide which one can i choose according to the price and benefit.there's about 10000 rs diff and that makes a lot of diff or not and please rate the config. OPTION A : INTEL CORE 2 DUO T8100, 2.10GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1 GB...
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    Help Me Something About Laptop

    hello , i'm going to buy a laptop from us through my uncle, and it got a 1gb ram default and after getting my laptop can i able to upgrade to a 2gb ram and is it possible to do in india.particularly that the laptop which i'm going to get is not available in india and thats why i'm asking this...
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    Usb - Serial Converter Or Port Replicator Is Best

    hello, i'm going to buy a laptop and i need a serial port in the laptop.so can buy a usb to serial port converter or a port replicator. Which one is good?
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