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    Buying a New Power packed Laptop

    one all for both problem with samsung is its availability and i do like 17 inch screen of dell. fr me mobility isnt an issue am still confused guys i knw fr a fact better GPU = Better gaming - but in this case its same model and one is DDR 3 Vs DDR 5. how much of a difference does it...
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    hey lappy owners,anything better than this asus.

    hey asher that asus model is power house model with good reviews globally. samsung is comp but availability is an issue but my question to you is how did u get this model from where did u get the quote as this model is still nt available in india pls share details i may go get that. i too...
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    Buying a New Power packed Laptop

    Hi guys, recently i have decided to go for a new laptop. a laptop with some power which can do many things - mainly gaming and light surfing i have shortlisted two laptops - here is the details Inspiron 17r SE Processor 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-3210M processor (3M Cache, up to...
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