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    Require Free Antivirus

    hi i am working in one organization and it rquire antivirus software i need free antivirus softwares sugest name if any Thanks in advance
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    Airtel GPRS

    hi frnds i have airtel GPRS but i need wap links if any one knows plz post here
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    About Wifi

    Hi ALL i am giving Presentation releted to Wifi but i am unable to find documentation related to wifi can any one help me in this case if you have any link than please post for me thanks in advance
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    about mail box of digit

    i have lots of private msg in digit messages but when i open it i get nothing the page shown to me is blank for all msg wht can i do to read those mails ? any idea plz quickly reply on patelvinay_visnagar@yahoo.com
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    Torrent problem

    Hi friends i am working as trainee i want to download one s/w but for that i have .torrent file suggest me one s/w that download my s/w and s/w should support n/w i mean in my company LAN is setup. we all are connected to server that is at suppose ip XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX and it...
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    Can Any One Help Me ???????

    I want to autoforward my yahoo mail to gmail account How can i do this :oops: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :oops: i am not able to find option of autoforwarding in yahoo so if any one know that plz explain in detail
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    help for deleted photos from digital camera ??????????????

    hi I have one digital camera of finepix and i have deleted my photos ,now i want to recover from camara memory card. how i can do it ??? :oops: :oops: :oops:
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    what about future in Labview express 7.1 ?

    hello all happy new year ... i request to all please if any one known about Labview express 7.1 then quick inform me. what about future in Labview express 7.1 ?
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    what i have to do ??

    hello all i am computer engineer and in training company is offering me to do project in LABVIEW EXPRESS 7.1 ( in embedded system ) what do u think i have to take training ? reply immediately i have to reply company ...
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    problem in project

    hi friends i am in final sem i require to do project if u have any project title then plz help me?
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    linux big proble................:o :wink:

    have installed redhat9 and i have also installed the require rpm file for xmms to play mp3 file still in xmms the bar is moving but i not able to here the voice ,at atime of sound card testing i have heard voice but in playing mp3 file i can't can u help me?????????????????? _________________
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    I have motorola sm56 internal modem what i have to do to access net from linux
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    can any provide this file??????????/

    i need "LVbutton.ocx " file for visual basic can any one help me????????????????
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    enable or disable c-mos,bios p/w from visual basic

    is there any way to enable or disable c-mos,bios p/w from visual basic if yes then reply on patelvinay_visnagar@rediffmail.com
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