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    if ther was a game called age of the marathas

    exacto mundo!! :P and not only this, there will be a lot of arguments on which character got more "importance" and which did not and should have. some will want the title to changed to something else... many people will "seek" a ban on it for some silly reason.. BAH the list is endless...
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    Problem installing FC3

    Re: me too!!! THANK GOD!!! its not just me.. I was about to format my entire HDD, thinking it was the problem. whew. saved by the bell. will wait for solutions...
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    Tricky problem: HDD issue?

    tried everything. no progress. could the psu be the culprit? EDIT: If it looks like a total gone case, does anyone know where i can get the mobo repaired in Pune. (No suggestions for an upgrade please :) ) its a VIA chipset Mercury board for P4. Thank you all.
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    Tricky problem: HDD issue?

    I forgot to mention about the cables. Yes I did replace them and check things. Same problem. And I booted using a bootable CD (DOS). Hmmm. :?
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    Tricky problem: HDD issue?

    no I dont keep the cabinet open. virus.... I just formatted and reinstalled everything. plus got no internet connection at home :? look like some kinda damage to the board. I could try formatting once again and see if things work out.
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    Tricky problem: HDD issue?

    Hi, I checked both. no problems there. (cos I had disabled quick boot. This checks the RAM when booting and would have given a long beep to indicate RAM problems) Now here's a funny thing. I cleared the CMOS, it gave a CMOS error. I DISABLED everything (IDE,USB,Modem,LAN,Sound etc) and...
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    Tricky problem: HDD issue?

    Hi, since yesterday my PC has stopped booting. It just stops/hangs after the POST. Its a P4 1.7 GHz, 256 SDRAM, nVidia GeForce 2MX400 64Mb 4x card, all this on VIA Chipset Mercury board . :( What could be the problem. there was a checksum error once, but after setting all the options...
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    PC problem: PC starting automatically!!!??? Advice needed

    sorry. posted a new topic for this. http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12767
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    Games: How much they affect U

    well the topic is on how the games affect people. And heres how some of the games affected me. Starting from the recent NFS UG... Played it day and night and now whenever I go out and see cars (esp Accents, Lancers, Esteems, City VTECs), I keep imagining which vinyls/colors/spoilers would look...
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    help install XP themes with *.msstyles filenames in playware

    Told ya. This is the reason I suggested patching the uxtheme.dll file. This happened to me too. So uninstalled it and patched the uxtheme.dll file and it was done. all Digit themes are now perfectly visible in the Themes dropdown. But StyleXP is a good tool. Just select the proper themes...
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    Guys, I need desperate help with my Radeon

    Boy this is scary! I too have the same card and have set an VPU recover option. Dont know if I should uncheck the option.
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    help install XP themes with *.msstyles filenames in playware

    You can use styleXP but it can be a bit of a strain on your PC (especially the gfx card). Better, you can patch the uxtheme.dll file using a multipatcher (www.windowsx.org). Download this file, extract it and run it in SAFE Mode. It will patch the uxtheme.dll file. your themes should now...
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    Problem with uxtheme

    oK... It worked when done in Safe Mode. Cool. Thanks people.
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    Problem with uxtheme

    ooops... I did not patch it in Safe mode. aah! there were no instructions to do so. Anyways will try. Thanks.
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    you can visit www.cdcovers.cc There is a link somewhere (mostly on the right-bottom side) on that site for a cd label creator software called CD Cover XP. try that. its really good.
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    Problem with uxtheme

    Hi, I read a post on using the uxtheme patcher to patch the uxtheme.dll file so that you can install various themes. I patched this file and copied a theme from the July digit issue (forever blue i think). Although I can see the entry in the theme drop down, I am not able to successfully...
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    Which Hard Drive??

    Guys, digging up an old topic but I just returned from the Samsung service centre in Pune with my replacement HDD. :shock: :D :D :D My HDD had crashed in the beginning of the month I was wondering if it would be replaced or not. Took it to samsung service centre, they examined/checked it...
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    Buy in Bangalore

    There is such a place called "SP Road". Somewhat similar to Lamington Road in Mumbai. Check it out!! 8)
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    How to keep the PC cool?

    Dude if its not too hot (within operational limits) then I suggest you do nothing. If you really want to see the temperature drop, then I suggest you spend one weekend to do the following: 1. Clean all possible fans in the cabinet. - This improves the fan's performance as the drag due to...
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    Career in Gaming Industry

    hey buddy.. I know you are very interested in a career in Game development and all that.. but please dont double post. Check out your post in 'General Discussion'. People have replied to your post. Thanks.
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