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    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    Re: Mobile Buying Guide Mobile under 12k I will mostly be using the phone for whatsapp and listening to music. playing some basic games (temple run/fruit slash/subway surf) however i would prefer not to compromise on the camera as i will rely on it heavily. budget around 12K os...
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    point and shoot Camera for 12k

    What's your budget? 15k(max) Camera type ? Point and Shoot Body Style? Compact/travel zoom How much zoom do you want/expect? 10x - 20x Do you care for manual exposure controls? Not much. What will you be shooting with this camera? Family photos,some landscapes occasionally...
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    Confused between Nikon D5100, Canon EOS 550D , Nikon D3200

    hi i m going to buy a dslr camera for the photography club of our college and hv shortlisted the d3200,d5100 and 550d. but then somebody told me that nikon dslr's use only nikkorr lenses.is that true ? then would u suggest the 550d ? also as this camera will be used for a long time ,i would...
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