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  1. netguy

    Yahoo! Messenger keep on crashing...!!

    Recently I have installed new Yahoo's Beta version of Messenger 9.....and I liked its new Vista interface and its skins......!!!! But this did not last long, one fine morning it just crashed and tried to re-open... Though it re-opened, when I click on Sign In button...its simply getting...
  2. netguy

    Mobile Re-starting automatically and abruptly

    I have got Nokia 3110 c ....I bought my mobill on Aug 15 th In the first week it was normal The second week I attended a marriage and started taking pics and suddenly my mobil got SWITCHED OFF and RE STARTED automaticallly....... I ignored it first....now it happened to me around 5 to 6...
  3. netguy

    Nokia 3110c ...data cable support

    I recently bought Nokia 3110 c..the phone has very good features as of my opinion...and i have a lot of photos in my mobile....and i want to transfer them to my system.. I approached my friend who works in a mobile store....he told that this version of mobile..ie Nokia 3110c does nt have a...
  4. netguy

    Unknown file(s) keep recreating in my Temp folder...!

    My machine was recently infected with Trojan.Vundo..i tried to remove it by using Vundo Fix.....it worked mostly .... But when I ran HijackThis I found some Ridicluous items in my temp folder I tried to fix them but they are sprouting up again.... "O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [wosa]...
  5. netguy

    Unable to remove virus......!

    Recently my computer got infected with a virus called Trojan.vundo.. I went to norton security web site and followed their instructions to reomve that virus....... I re booted in safe mode.....run full system scan...deleted some files automatically and manually....... But its still coming...
  6. netguy

    Missing File..

    Whenever I start my computer...I get an error that a file named....... "awwunpph.dll" is missing ...it shows up at my startup I tried to find it in dll-files.com.....but i did not find that.. can any one suggest me where can I find this file and how to register.... Thanking in advance..!
  7. netguy

    Dial up problem.........Help needed really bad conditon..!

    Dial up problem.........Help needed really bad conditon..! I use sancharnet as my conection to internet and recently i think a dialer had got installed in my computer... it calls it self as Connection and has a number called ..3660222 and the problem is whenever i connect to the...
  8. netguy

    Can any one suggest a good Nokia Mobile @ 5-6 k

    Can any one suggest me a nokia mobile which has cam ,fm , usb access ranging from 5000 to 6000 Rupees if any other mobile which has those features .....please suggest me that... but i need Fm , cam are must another question: what are the requirements that my mobile should have if i...
  9. netguy

    How to write my avi files into a dvd

    I hav a lot of collection of movies and songs which are in .avi format and i want to write them onto a 4.7 GB dvd like dvd movie is there any way?? I confused a lot.. please suggest me any way..!!! thnk u in advance....
  10. netguy

    Convert dat files to mpeg formats..!

    I have a lot of video cd format files ie dat files... i want to convert and write them to dvds atleast tell me a software that can help me to convert them in to mpeg files thnax in advance.....
  11. netguy

    Some one explain how I should i convert my dat files into vob??

    Can any 1 explain me how can i convert my dat mpg and other movies into dvd format so that I can write them on to a dvd can u also suggest that software so tat i can use......! response needed plz because i hav a lot o movies in my system i got a new Dvd writer i wanna make them on...
  12. netguy

    Need hlp regarding working with Virtual Dub

    My friend recently gave me this sofware Virtual Dub 1.5.10 My friend said that with the help of this tool i can fit a whole cinema in to a cd . but he too doesnt know how it works he showed me a movie made of this thing can any one help regarding this issue
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