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    Girl in India weds dog to break 'evil spell'

    Argh ! That Lucky Dog :D
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    Email from Yahoo! and AOL will be CHARGED

    O Common ! They never said anything about degradation of exisiting account or speed. The problem here is not the account , the problem is how spam / emarketing companies will use this feature.
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    web hosting

    lol, I agree that godaddy is nice but trust me its control panel sucks and its so slow and crappy .
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    Change wordpress theme.

    download a wordpress theme from any theme site like http://themes.wordpress.net unzip that theme file , upload the folder through FTP to yoursite-wp-installation.com/wp-content/themes/ then in your wordpress admin panel go to yoursite-wp-installation.com/wp-admin/themes.php...
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    Free web host

    I can host your wordpress blog free if you have a nice content :) (and a small linkback if not a prob)
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    wht script are you using ? can u give the URL
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    Search Engine Optimization

    You should have a nice descent content. Read their guidlines before applying . It helps a lot . :)
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    Paypal in India ?

    Yup ! it's legal
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    * Displaying MSN & YAHOO Messenger Status *

    On Yahoo!, For a fast reply use this.
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    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization Though you can never garuntee a top 10 result in search engines as there's always a "another site" . SEO differs in different search engines . Google: - Mainly depends on Google PageRank of the site . It is achieved by more links from high PR sites. You can...
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    A Simple Machines Forum Query

    ---------- Clear your cookies or restart your computer. or try changing Browser. or try ---------- Go to Admin -->edit features and options ---->scroll down to method of registration ----->make sure it is something other that diabled I had this problem, when I first installed...
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    last one year i was on IrDA with SE T610 which was connected to charger :p , lol and it was almost connected for a year maybe a week . Now I changed to Bluetooth ,there aint much difference. i`m going to get BB soon though :D
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    You`ll find many of them out there , cutenews , Snews, LoveNews try hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/News_Publishing/index.html
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    How Many of Us Uses Pirated/Cracked Software

    which credit card do you have ?
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    PHP Nuke

    http://nukecops.com/ http://www.nukeresources.com/
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    how to make strong passwords

    that`s leet i suppose
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    Blocking ADs on the Internet

    It su*** , it`s fine for using in image ads and heavy flash etc .. but ever thought of the webmaster whoz serving u all that content and u`r just ripping it !!
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    Yahoo Messenger Problem

    i too have similar one , just that when i logout my Y! performs an illegal operation : P one solution :get invisible before you logout :)
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    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 - Final Released

    Perhaps i`ll wait till tommorow , they may release Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 - Final :wink:
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    [Update] Firefox 1.0.6 Final

    Mozilla Firefox for Windows 1.0.6 RC beta (Nightly Build) http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-aviary1.0.1/
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