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  1. Rajneesh

    How to check- who has added my Youtube videos on Orkut Video

    I have uploaded videos on my YouTube Account/Chanel Is there any way to know - Who has added my videos on Orkut (Videos) or is there any way to know where my videos are linked?
  2. Rajneesh

    what should i learn to be a web developer? Plz help

    Hi friends I want to be a professional web developer. I am absolute beginner in this field. I learned only HTML, (XHTML). I searched the net for what languages and software I should learn and found.. (1) (X)HTML (2) CSS (3) PHP (4) MYSQL (5) JAVA SCRIPT And adobe...
  3. Rajneesh

    How to access all drives/dir. frm recovery console???

    I have windows xp sp2 installed on my system. When i boot my system using windows xp bootable cd and try to access drives or folders other then root directory from recovery console, an Access denied error occurred. I know the recovery console provide cmd console with some restrictions. My...
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