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  1. bongourav

    24" LCD TV Buying Advice

    Hi friends, Thinkdigit has always helped me whenever I have needed a reliable buying advice. I need yet another help from you guys. I want to buy a 24" LCD television for home. Good display and audio are my only requirements as it will be used by my grandparents. So, the best value for...
  2. bongourav

    Basic Phone in 3.5k

    Hi friends, I am looking to buy a phone for my aunty. Requirements are very basic : 1. She needs a good keypad as her fingers are slightly large, 2. Good (large) screen would be comfortable. My budget is 3.5k. After browsing, I have decided upon Nokia X2-02 and I am planning to buy...
  3. bongourav

    iBall Aasaan Senior

    Hii friends, I purchased iBall Aasaan White from letsbuy for rs. 2500 /- . I am writing a short review here: The phone is very well built and feels very sturdy and durable. The keys are the what the phone is worth purchasing. Large and soft and the response is good. The SOS function...
  4. bongourav

    Phone for elderly ?

    Hi friends, I need to buy a cell phone for my grand-dad. It'll be his first phone so I wanted one which is very easy to use. Large keypad is important as he has big fingers (I asked him to use my old N70 & he was not at all pleased with the keypad). Budget is maximum 3-4k. I liked...
  5. bongourav

    GMail Labs ..

    Hii .. Recently I came across an excellent Google Lab feature called "Google Gears" which allows us to browse website offline. I was wondering if there are other good lab features which we should try.. Please share.. Thanks in advance, Gourav.
  6. bongourav

    Download Free Music

    Hi friends, As we all know, music piracy is very widespread on the web. I want to know if there are any sites which provide free music (legally, of course). Thanks in advance, Gourav
  7. bongourav

    Host .asp website ?

    Hii friends, I have developed a web based application on Visual Studio 2008 using C# and .NET. The database used is MS Access. I wish to run the website on an Intranet based system with a Windows Server 2008 host. Earlier, I had planned to host it on XAMPP server but only later I came...
  8. bongourav

    A Simple Question ...

    Hi friends .... Last day I was wondering that is there any flaw in charging our cell phones whole night ??? I mean, I usually don't get enough time to charge my cell during day. So I prefer to leave my cell at "charge" the whole night. Is it right to do so? Or does it affect the cell in some...
  9. bongourav

    Nokia 3250 vs SE W810i vs Moto RIZR

    Hi friends ... I'll be buying a cell very soon I am really confused which one to go for. I want a mixed kind of a phone ... I mean good music, good camera, good looks etc... I have narrowed my search to these 3 phones: Nokia 3250 SE W810i Moto Rizr. Now I just cant understand which one to buy...
  10. bongourav

    Nok 5300 vs SE K750i ?

    Hi friends ... I wanted some help from you .... Can anyone tell me which one is really worth a buy --- Nokia 5300 or SE K750i ? Though I don't know much about mobile phones, I believe Nokia has a much better battery life and more stylish (slide-open feature). At the same time I have also...
  11. bongourav

    Please help !!!

    Hello everyone ! Well, friends, I need some help form you all ... I am planning to buy a new phone. My budget is only upto 4K. So, can you all please tell me a which cell to go for. I don't need a camera and all that... Just a simply user-friendly phone with good battery power and sound...
  12. bongourav

    K750i ???

    Hi friends! I am planning to buy a new SE K750i . Can anyone tell me it's current market price? And do you all know about it's memory? Is it expandable? Or is there any other phone I can opt for under 10K ?
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