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    i need a dual ACTIVE sim mobile.

    Just bought Nokia C2-03, it has 2 MP camera with Active Dual Sim, I can easily hot swap my Sim, For typing msgs I am using keypad for faster and for other apps I am using touch. I also can view the map on offline mode, and browse internet with dual sim. Overall this is the best mobile i ever have.
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    Nokia E7 Preorders Begin !

    This video helped me make a decision to go for the Nokia E7 ! Just look at this thing go !!! YouTube - Multitasking on the Nokia E7
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    Nokia E7 Preorders Begin !

    Here I am going to share first demo for how to insert sim card in Nokia E7. There is a slot which comes out neatly after opening the flap, located on the right side. The easy part is to insert the SIM onto the slot. It’s a little tricky since it’s a little delicate. Anyways its in.
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    Nokia E7 Preorders Begin !

    I just pre ordered the Nokia E7 and just got it today. It has an 8 mp camera with dual led flash and a 16 gb hard drive. The screen is huge. Its 4 inches long. Visually, it is very slick. It’s long and thin. So it can easily fit in my pocket without the added bulge. The QWERTY is responsive...
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    Getting blank calls from delhi?

    Block calls with the help of call manager application... just install any call blocking app on your phone and vlock unwanted numbers...
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    chinese mobile gfive g3000 repair issue

    Display and touch is the same thing, you need to change your display... visit any local mobile repair shop they will help you to replace it... i hope it will be cost you approx 300 to 400 rs.
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    Videocon Ducati V6200 or Nokia X2

    Nokia X2 have the 5MP camera butclearity is not so good, and i think ducati have much batter camera compare to nokia X2.
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    The LG Optimus One Thread

    Hey guys, I am looking for LG optimus, but i had never use any LG phone, so it good to buy or you suggest any other phone for me...
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    # Airtel 3G - Howzzat?

    I am using MTNL in delhi but i want to switch with BSNL how can i switch on BSNL i want some good kinda offers that only i get from BSNL...
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