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    Help me choosing a laptop ! Budget 40 k max !

    Hi guyz ! I am karthik from chennai, India, an IT pro. I am planning to buy a laptop with a max budget of 40 k.(35k will be very good). My constraints are, Minimum core i3 processor Dedicated graphics card to play 2009-2010 in atleast medium settings 4 gb ram very good display(The most...
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    Problems with new Altec VS 4121 speakers

    Hi guyz. I bought brand new VS 4121 Yesterday. When i setup the speakers, and turned it on, the soud was great but the majority of the sound comes from the downfiring part of the speaker and as a result the sound i hear s like muffled . i have placed the speakers only few meters apart(very close...
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    Best 2.1 Speakers Strictly < 5000 RS

    Hi guyz . Finally i have decided to sell my m5300 5.1 to get a quality 2.1 speakers. So please suggest me a good speakers,. I would be using it fo Games,Audio,Movies . Please Suggest me which speakers should i get ! I have googled and got some options.. Altec VS 4161 Logitech Z4 Edifier...
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