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    Laptop Suggestion: 13-14 inch / i5 / 8GB / 512 SSD / Long Battery - Urgent please

    I am really very confused. For past 5 days, I am only searching for a good laptop to buy immediately when the lockdown ends or even before that, but not ending up with a single model out. Please help guys. 1) Budget: upto Rs.60,000/- 2) Size: 13" to 14" screen 3) Primarily for light Photo...
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    New laptop during lockdown.

    I want to buy a new laptop urgently for WFH. Is it possible during the current lockdown situation in Mumbai?
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    wireless modem or router

    Hi Please help me in choosing a best wireless modem or a wireless router with USB support and following conditions: - first is whether to buy a wireless modem cum router or a wireless router and a modem separately. - secondly which one will best suit for wireless printing, USB HDD, wifi LCD...
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    Intel Quad Core and Motherboard

    Whats is the best performance motherboard for Intel Quad Core Q6600 Processor. P35 based or 975 based Whats the price for both Processor(Q6600) and Motherboard. Also whats the best intel processor/mobo combination within Rs 12K.
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    For Sale Complete PC (Chandigarh area)

    Complete PC with excellent performance for Sale Configuration As follows: P4 2.4 Ghz Processor :D Intel 845 Original Motherboad (4 USB Ports) :D 512 MB DDR 400Mhz RAM :D 40GB Samsung HDD :D 15" Samsung Monitor + antiglare screen :D Sony DVD Writer (with 10 months warranty from date...
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