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    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 vs Motorola FIRE XT

    i would say go for motorola defy may be around 10k or go for defy + which would be better for around 12.5k. its worth !!
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    Airtel 3G prices reduced !

    Guys any news on laterst airtel broadband issues because i ready earlier in the topic they are offering Rs 199/- plan with FUP 25 Gb with 1 mbps and then 256 kbps....is it true?
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    Mobile under Rs. 10000

    would suggest 1. motorola fire xt - 800mhz processor with 512 mb ram, cam with flash and bigger screen :) After a while 3.2 gets too less for viewing pics or even reading content 2. HTC explorer
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    Which antivirus should i buy?

    m using avast+comodo firewall+superantispyware along with malwarebytes and trojen remover for scanning purpose only...!!!
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    New Android Phone

    Have a look at motorola fire-xt......saw somewhere it is available at 5.7k with 6.5 inch screen 800 Mhz processor and 512 mb ram and with gingerbread update i guess or you can update it too....at this specs its a really good choice....imho !!
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    Plz suggest modem/router for cable broadband?

    you mean to say cheap quality components?
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    Free Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall 5.1One Year License

    seems the offer is over....can u share a key from yours? :D
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    Plz suggest modem/router for cable broadband?

    why is that...i mean they are providing 3yrs warranty and is being suggested by some local ISPs....even hathway i suppose !! any reason for commenting like that dude?
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    suggest me a good WIFI router under 2000

    hey dude...atually they work pretty good with DD-WRT firmware with transmission client....thats what i heardd but the problem is that...once you flash it with free firmware....you can not use 3g modem on that for that we need to flash it with professional paid version :sad: thats why d...
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    Which is better deal...E173 !!

    is it because of the seller being a power seller with good feedback or any other reason?
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    suggest me a good WIFI router under 2000

    what about TP-link MR3220g........around 2k? i think except torrent downloads and being N150, it shares all the features of asus rt n13 !!
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    Which is better deal...E173 !!

    which deal is better guys? Huawei-E173-3G-Data-Card-7-2Mbps-3G-USB-Modem-Auto-APN-Megaphone-Logo Huawei-E173-3G-usb-modem-Data-Card-7-2Mbps-HSUPA-Model Huawei-E173-3G-Data-Card-7-2Mbps-3G-USB-Modem-Strap-Cable-Auto-APN-Reliance-Logo first one comes with 1 year dealer warranty and...
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    Sharing same internet connection on 2 PCs

    the best option would be a basic router having a wan port and 2+ lan ports !! 1. Connect your ISP cable to WAN 2. Use to different lan cables from router lan port to each pc's lan port !!
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    Please suggest a good budget android tablet urgently!

    +1 to vineet, it's expected that they will launch a newer version of ubislate/akash2 !! may be that would be worth a wait !!
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    Please suggest a good budget android tablet urgently!

    man are you serious? for 5-6k? rather go for iberry version...you will find it on ebay !! 7"+1.5ghz processor+wifi+android 2.3 but without 3g ~ 6.4k 10" with 3g and rest same config ~ 14 k i would rather ask you to wait or as u said no to akash...look for akash2 then ubislate !!
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    Using laptop solely on battery power/plugged in to source?

    i do the same....i dotn use batter much if i am home !! rather take it out and directly plug it to the ac adaptor !! :)
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    Wifi router - for 3g sim + cable net to be used with desktop and laptop !!

    Guys, Need suggestions on wifi router !! Planning to use it along with the cable net from local ISP and 3G sim card. I will be traveling too so just wanted to know if is there any portable router which can allow me to use both the connections and set up a wifi for my mobile + laptop and...
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    New Laptop Within 22k

    nice purchase...looks great !! congrats !!
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    ** All USB EVDO/HSDPA (3.5G) data cards or modems queries here **

    can we make voice/video calls while using 3g network on Huawei UMG 1831 or Huawei E182E? any suggetions?
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    which processor is better AMD N930 or intel i3-2330 ? considering all config same !!

    Re: which processor is better AMD N930 or intel i3-2330 ? considering all config same Nope mate.....can answer questions if anyone has them !! may b upload the pics too...!!
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