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    Lenovo G400s Wifi problem

    I recently bought a Lenovo G400s Touch screen laptop. The laptop is very good overall. But there is a very nagging problem with the Wifi. The wireless goes to 'Limited connectivity' every 5-10 minutes. The problem is not seen on other devices connected to the same wifi. So the problem is not...
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    Brand new N85 for sale.

    My N85 is for sale. It is 4 weeks old. Reason: Need money. Expected price: 22k. Excellent condition. New scratchguard (not the one that comes with it..new one) With entire content of the box. 3 months (minus 3 weeks) GPS navigation. Softwares for all needs.(Garmin(cracked) for gps...
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    Fighter plane simulation

    Can someone suggest me a fighter jet simulation game with missions n all....something like the tomclancy's hawx
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    PayPal help

    Ive created a paypal account. How do I add funds to it? and if I request payment from someone (with email) by creditcard, Am I or the sender charged any amount? (apart from the % charged by the creditcard company?) is there any catch?
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    Is there a difference between windows mobile and PocketPC?

    As far as i know Pocket PC uses Windows mobile. so do Smartphones.... But some where i came across the words "Pocket PC and Windows mobile" can anyone throw some light on this? Also can someone suggest me the cheapest windows mobile 6.0 phone?
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    I am buying a N95 8GB tomoro...What say? :D

    I like the N95 style but its too bulky and the price is much heavier.... :D ....So....what say.... any other suggestions? req: would prefer a wide screen since I am planning to go wap GPS prefered A2DP for Moto snook (S9) easy connectivity to laptop (i use W700i now for dialup....hope the...
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    How to get the maximum download speed?

    I have a 256kbps line. When I download, the maximum speed i get is only 25kbps is there no way i can get the entire bandwidth?
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    Any opensource desktop recorder available?

    Hi I need a desktop recorder (screen recorder) with atleast 2hrs of recording and no "trial version" stamp in the centre of the screen....can someone please suggest one? thanks
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    N95 GPS working?

    Hi all i've connected N95 to the GPS satellites....but i had to stand in the terrace for abt 5 minutes...I don't beleive i'll be able to connect instantly when i am in hte car....that apart...there are no decent maps available for even the important cities in india.....if there is a map and if...
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    Stereo bluetooth headset

    Hi All, Please suggest a streo bluetooth headset. I have to pair it with my laptop and also my N95. I thought the motorola S9 would be good. Any idea abt its price?
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    Anyone has used N95 GPS?

    I am having trouble using the N95 GPS. Anyone has used it? I also need the bangalore and/or chennai map for my N95. any resource?
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    NTFS partitions in UBUNTU?

    Can I view NTFS partitions in ubuntu?
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    I tried loading a stupid webcam driver in my notebook...vista home premium...it has corrupted a file...ndisrd.sys I don't have the oS CD all I have is the recovery disk....but if i use the recovery disk, my hard disk will be formatted itseems....what do I do now? :(( I tht of making a boot...
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    The motorala headset for laptop?

    Can I use the motorola bluetooth headset that comes for motorokr for my laptop? basically for music and skype?
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    Triangle Puzzle....

    This is a forward I got in my mail.....the explanation is obvious but its the way we go about matters......... We have learnt from our childhood that area of an entire body (triangle, circle, rectangle etc) is equal to the sum of area of the parts it contains... and even if these parts are...
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    saving data in pdf forms

    anyone knows how to save the data in the pdf forms. I know its protected...but there should be some roundabout method. Help guys.....
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    Mobile for 15~20k

    Can someone suggest a mobile for 15 to 20 k.... It should be light weight, with music, decent camera, wireless music (A2DP), good memory and should not be slow....most of all....its for a girl.....:D
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    Suggest a AM2 Mobo

    Guys, Please suggest a good AM2 mobo .....value for money and for long run... I have to overclock, hardcore gaming, decent onboard grafix ...... F1 F1 F1 thanks in advance
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    SCJP exam....

    Any one knows how to apply for the SCJP (sun certified java professional) exam
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    Hows HPdv6000t

    HP dv6000t comes for about $1200 Operating System Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo T7200 (2.0GHz/4MB L2Cache) Display 15.4" WXGA BrightView Widescreen (1280x800) Graphics Card 256MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) Go 7400 Personalization HP Imprint...
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