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    Want To Connect Theatre Speakers To Pc

    thank u frnds 4 ur suggestions. but i was not able to wait 4 ur posts so what i did is as follows: i opened my pc speakers, disconnected the wires to the original 4ohms speakers & the connected the ckt to my new 4 ohms speakers.they r sounding excellent compared to earlier pc speakers. i just...
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    Want To Connect Theatre Speakers To Pc

    hi... I Want To Connect Theatre Speakers To Pc, the ones with negative and postive wires & the ratings r 100w. plz help
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    I need advice on purchasing a new pc

    hi! i want to know the hardware config of pc.my budget is around 20K. i don't need monitor ,cd/dvd drive because i plan to use my old one.what i would like in my pc is good sound system,decent graphics,lots of storage space,around 512 mb or more ram. please help me.
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    need help for final year extc project.

    hi! I need help on the following project Microprocessor based railway system : The aim of this project is to demonstrate the incorporation of computer method in railway traffic control to improve, safety, speed of handling the traffic and reliability. Here we have to handle the...
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