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  1. Roadripper

    Bootmgr is compressed

    Hi fellas i upgraded my pc to recently so i instlalled vista ultimate and when i was installing GTA 4 i needed to upgrade my vista to sp1 so i did it bt when i restarted and checked my activation was not done.So i installed activation and restarted i got error at the post as "Bootmgr is...
  2. Roadripper

    Run32dll.exe and userinit.exe app error?

    Hi guys got a serious prob ia m tottally pissed off . Yest was updating spyware doctor and spybot and some sws.suddenyl i got a error sayin userInit.exe-Application error The application failed to initialise properly(0xc0000005).Click on OK to terminate the application. Same thin i got...
  3. Roadripper

    How much ll i get ???

    FS:Want to Sell this rig!! Sellin this off Prices mentioned post ur PMS ... BTW running vista ultimate and al games like grid creed etc... P4 3.06ghz Prescot.. 1.7k--SOLD gigabyte 8I915mef6 wit agp and pci express 16X slots 1.4k 1.gb ddr 333 mhz 1.2k---SOLD 512mb ddr 333mhz 600 ... plus...
  4. Roadripper

    FS:Ipod touch 30gb...

    FS:Ipod touch 32gb... Hi fellas any one interested in IPod Touch 32gb for 24k bought it on 14th of last month(april) 1 yr warranty left... sellin it off coz buying a 80 gb ipod touch ..no probs watsoeva...Pm me if any one interested...??!!~;):D:p
  5. Roadripper

    Geforce Fx 5200 AGP 128Mb 8X card

    Hi fellas any one interested in buying Ma Agp Card Geforce Fx 5200 AGP 128Mb 8X ..Pm me ... I am from Mangalore...;)
  6. Roadripper

    Which GPU 2 Choose ??

    Hi fellas. i wanted to upgrade ma PC bt dad said no at this moment and even i thot ll wait for quads to settle down and ddr3 to chip in .Rit now ma config is Presscot 3.06ghz 1gb ddr 333Mhz ga-8I915ME board ge force 4 fx 5200 128mb Now ma baord has both agp and PCi slots ..I wnt to buy...
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