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  1. rollcage

    Any 13 inch Laptop with GPS available ?

    Do you think its available or possible. :razz: A Laptop with GPS built in so that it can used for Navigation purpose too, 13inches so its compact too. I am seriously think its not a bad idea for it. Phones have small screens so have limited functionality. but with a 13inch Notebook isnt it...
  2. rollcage

    Which Asian Shopping Sites Ship to India? Name a few!!

    Hi guys, I am wondering this for long which sites are there that ship the gadgets or products to India. We know that Amazon.com is good place to buy but sadly they dont ship to outside usa. Ebay.com is good but they have high shipping cost at most products. forget ebay.in thats Indian site...
  3. rollcage

    I want to buy Wii!

    hey guys I want to buy Wii, any suggestions, 8) does any one of you have Nintendo Wii?? where can I get a good deal. :mrgreen: regards roll
  4. rollcage

    1005HA or AO751h? - Which one to order!

    I am buying a netbook.. so suggest me which one shall i order under 400$ actually thinking about ordering now at amazon or some other site.. which one is better Asus 1005ha or Acer Aspire One AO751h? tell me where it is cheapest! can delive in 5 days flat to us address...
  5. rollcage

    Restructuring Network in Office! (This is big)

    hey guys this is big .. real big. well atleast for me. so contribute you big guyz. my old friends here.. drgrudge, kalpik, freshseasons, quake_abhi, shwetanshu, Vishal Gupta, maverickrohan, Dipen, hailgautam, geek, saurav_cheeta, others (sorry for forgetting more names) I want to make...
  6. rollcage

    Are all Seagate 500GB SATA going bad?

    I have got a Seagate 500GB Sata in Dec2008, now just 3months into it.. and its already crashing again and again. (Model: ST3500320AS, Firmware: SD15) I have installed windows almost 3 times since then, it crash on copying anything or copying from it. After great pain I am able to extract some...
  7. rollcage

    Hows this T3 India Mag?? I need ur reviews plz!

    Hey people, anyone of you reading T3 or a subscriber of this mag - T3 India!! I am thinking about subscribing it.. any comments, give ur review hows is it! I am sure some of you must have read a few editions of it atleast if not all. Secondly, they are giving away, X-Mini Speaker with...
  8. rollcage

    Need Driver for new webcam!

    Hi I need the driver for this webcam -> svb - 0200 (SVB Black Eye Super), yes tried the cd not working, the svbinternational.com is not helping either. plz help .. THE BLACKEYE SUPER WebCam 2 MEGA PIXEL interpolated /USB / SPECIAL EFFECTS & ZOOM/ NEW VISTA COMPATIBLE MODEL (vista drivers...
  9. rollcage

    some strange communities added to my profile on orkut

    some strange communities added to my profile on orkut :x please comment what is it .. I don't think someone know my password.. bcoz i access my mail from my home only but I feel its a bug in orkut since it also showing all those crappy communities in similar category. :( which in noway related...
  10. rollcage

    Need: Software to edit handycam-avi files

    I have few movie clips taken from handy cam, but some part of those 1 hour movies have distortion or unrequired part. Can some1 tell me a good software to remove a few minutes of video from the AVI file, so that I can burn the remaining on the dvd. Regards
  11. rollcage

    Do you use Office2007 or 2003 ? .. wat crap is 2007.. disgusting menu :(

    Do you use Office2007 or 2003 ? .. Office 2007 ... SUX :( .. Disgusting Do you use Office2007 or 2003 ? .. wat crap is 2007.. Is has the most disgusting menu I have ever used :-x I was just using the word .. and cant find change case ..!! wat the crap is this 2007. in 2003 it was so...
  12. rollcage

    Nokia 5500 or 3110?

    Hi I have read reviews and all .. but cant decide ..I use N70 .. and always like Symbian phones.. I like 5500 .. infact love the looks .. but never seen it in hand or in person.other option is 3110 but its s40 n i dont like it ..so tell me .. is 5500 has any drawback...reviews says its very...
  13. rollcage

    Which Linux book to start with ..??

    Hi guys please tell me which Linux book to start with ..:confused: I heard that Linux bible is good, but to found so many editions its too difficult to choose. So its better to ask your expert views dear Linux users. >> ... These are just reference links, I need to buy the...
  14. rollcage

    What is UseNeXT? is it better than Azureus?

    What is UseNeXT? - http://www.usenext.de/index.cfm?TD=393858 is it better than Azureus? Kya hai ye, Don't mind if already discussed her, couldn't find it in search Regards
  15. rollcage

    Night Calling at Half Rates on MTNL -- True??

    Guys Just came through this .. here -> http://delhi.mtnl.net.in/commercial/tariff_delhi.htm Is it really working.. haven't heard of it :confused: Discuss ..
  16. rollcage

    <Feedback on Beetel CB 55000 needed!!>

    no - ne here has beetel cb 55000 No one replied /// So mods you can trash it please..
  17. rollcage

    Bluetooth & EDGE Speeds

    Hi .. I am in Delhi.. using Airtel on N70 .. via Bluetooth(microsoft Driver) When I dial the connection.. on PC .. Its connected at 115.2kbos My Question 1. What is the maximum speed that a BT connection can have.. since n70 supports around 236kbps as max speed .. so how can I acheive it...
  18. rollcage

    How to type & edit letters written in Hindi?

    Yes .. I never tried that. .. Actually dad got a letter .. that need to be edited, but I dot know how to work with Hindi in windows 1.I want to know complete info related to type of hindi fonts? 2.How to type & edit letters written in Hindi? 3.How do people show hindi usernames...
  19. rollcage

    BT Dongle .. not installing

    I got the BT Dongle ... but it didnt get installed so I returned it. Now . yesterday I got the ENTER BT Dongle this one is also not getting installed in WinXP_SP2. (cd also is bakwas .. hangs the computer .. have to reset) whereas my frd's 1 get installed with no prob. Whats the...
  20. rollcage

    Live TV & FM Software :Download here:

    Live TV & Radio !!!! Live Streaming Video .. and FM - >> http://www.MegaShare.com/45950 Pass: rollcage >> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2P1ENKKW >> http://rapidshare.de/files/32042764/Live_TV___FM.zip.html Yes It works .... I got this on email way back ... I searched for more links .. &...
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