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  1. als2

    Harddisk Partition Problem

    my hard disk looks like disk 0 now i want to merge 120 GB with 80 Gb as 1 partition and 149 GB as single 2 partition but i am not able to do so even with partition magic i can only able to get 120 GB and 149 GB as single single partition and remaining 80 GB is wasted
  2. als2

    Dell Inspiron 6000 @ 240 Mhz

    hi my laptop config: intel pentium M 740 1.73 GHZ intel 915 GMS/910 GML 1 GB DDR2 RAM running at 80 Mhz my dell laptop Inspiron 6000 has developed some defect:@ now processor speed is reduced to 240MHZ from 1.7 GHz speedstep is off in bios but processor is always stuck at 240 MHZ:huh...
  3. als2

    suggest smps

    hi my config Athlon x4 630 2 gb ddr3 MSI785G-E53 2 harddisk 1 dvd writer i have ordered gigabyte superb for this config, can gigabyte superb handle my config now and if i add ati 4850 equivalent card in future importantly can i run this rig on cheap 450w smps till i get gigabyte...
  4. als2

    Phenom X2 550 batch 0928 cpmw unlock

    hi i am getting phenom x2 batch 0928 cpmw with msi 785G-E53 so can i unlock my processor please reply need to buy tomorrow
  5. als2

    533 FSB on 800 FSB motherboard

    hi my P4 computer motherboard died and it cant be repaired so is there any board available that can fit my P4 along with ddr1 ram how about Gigabyte G31 motherboard ,this board support a minimum of 800 FSB but my Processor is 533 FSB my config 2.8Ghz P4 511 533Mhz FSB (lga 775) intel d101 ggc...
  6. als2

    Procedure For RMA seagate Harddisk

    hi friends so after 3 years of using 80 gb seagate harddisk ,it developed some bad sector and now my computer hangs ,also speed got reduced.(sometimes transfer rate is 1mbps) so thinking of replacing as warranty is till 2011 so can anyone tell me the procedure. i am from New Delhi janak...
  7. als2

    Internet services in India and Egypt disrupted

    Internet services in India and Egypt disrupted MUMBAI (Reuters) - A breakdown in an international undersea cable network badly disrupted Internet links to India and Egypt on Wednesday. Egypt's Telecommunications Ministry said a communications cable in the Mediterranean was cut, disrupting...
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