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  1. BSOD

    Laptop for <50K

    I am looking for a laptop within 50K. I'm going to do a lot of processor-intensive encodes and some gaming. Which is best laptop which is both durable(I'm probably going to use it for the next 4 years) and doesn't compromise on features? Thanks.
  2. BSOD

    Need New PSU and Cabinet

    Recently my PSU failed due to some problem with the power supply in my area. It was a VIP 500W(sigh). Also, I was looking for better cabinet ( from someone like Cooler Master, not something crappy like Zebronics's which I already own). I have set aside a sun of 5k for the two. Advice? Ps...
  3. BSOD

    Recommend a Hard Disk

    I'm planning to get a new HDD with a capacity of 1TB. I was thinking of getting a WD one as Seagate seems to have quite a few problems in this segment. Which HDD considering both cost and performance should I buy?
  4. BSOD

    Power Supply + Fans

    I'm planning to buy a new power supply as my current one(a VIP 450W) is acting up. I think I will need something from a reputed company, I'm tired of all these crappy PSUs. I'm also gonna buy some new fans(both 120mm and 80mm) for Zebronics Peace(my current chassis). Also, anyone know if its...
  5. BSOD

    Mobile with GPS

    I was just wondering about GPS-enabled mobiles. Which is the cheapest one?
  6. BSOD

    Cell Phone <10K: Is C510 OK?

    Cell Phone <10K: Is C510 OK? Update: <13K Phone I was just going through this post and saw that C510 is mentioned. Some things I look for: *3G *Decent picture and audio quality *Good looking Oh, and I love Nokia and SE. I like C510's feature set. It looks okay. Anything which is better...
  7. BSOD

    32'' LCD, 35K

    I am planning on buying a LCD which is atleast 32'' and comes for less than 35K. Any recommendations? I'm currently looking at Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.
  8. BSOD

    BwTorrent Invitation

    I have been hoping to get into BwTorrent for a very long time now. Unfortunately, it never happened. I have no one to contact over there. I was hoping to find some good soul who might have a few invitations left here. Thanks. Mail : <sniped>
  9. BSOD

    Reliance CDMA Mobile

    Which is the best Reliance CDMA mobile available in the range Rs. 8000 - 12000? Does any CDMA mobile that Reliance provides have GPS?
  10. BSOD

    Ubuntu Resolution Problems

    I have this Nvidia 7600GT video card and a LCD which has native resolution of 1440x900 but, Ubuntu shows a maximum resolution of 800x600 and after installing the Nvidia drivers it got reduced to 640x480. Guess many guys have already faced this problem before, but, none of the solutions...
  11. BSOD

    Nokia 2600c Apps and Games

    I recently bought the Nokia 2600 Classic, the features are similar to the 2630 but, at a better price point :). As I understand it runs The Series 40 5th Edition Nokia OS. But, the content providers of the apps and games don't seem to recogize the OS or say that "The Mobile is not Supported"...
  12. BSOD

    A Phone For <3k

    I bought the 3110c and now, I want one for my sister. Preference for Nokia and Sony Ericsson. I was looking at the 6070 which retails close to 3000 as per the Mobile Store website. Buying tomorrow, need quick advice.
  13. BSOD

    Where to Buy in Bangalore

    Now that I have chosen to buy the 3110c. I want to know of places in Bangalore where the best prices are offered. ps. I want the bill, so, don't suggest National Market.
  14. BSOD

    TV Tuner Aver Go 007 Support

    I am trying to make a switch over to linux. Everything works just fine except my not-so-famous TV Tuner Card. I have the Aver TV Go 007. Did do Google searches and the works without much gain. What are my options now. Should I port the driver myself ;-)?
  15. BSOD

    A Value Mobile for <4k

    I am looking for a value mobile which has features like camera, mp3 playback support, GPRS etc. I prefer Nokia and Sony Ericsson. I am looking at Nokia 3110c. Any better ones?
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