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  1. vinodh_89

    LG 22" inch LCD monitor for 7.5k (Chennai)

    Selling my 5 month old LG 22" monitor. Its bought from Richie St, Chennai. And still under warranty. CLICK HERE FOR SPECS Price : 7500 bucks Reason for sale : Upgrading to 24" Selling to Chennai customers only for obvious reasons and I prefer pay and pick up.
  2. vinodh_89

    Core 2 Duo PC with 17" LCD

    PC SOLD ----------------------------------- Selling my two year old PC Samsung Syncmaster 740N 17" LCD Core 2 Duo E6300 Intel 965DGRY Motherboard 1GB DDR2 RAM 250 GB SATA HD Samsung 20x DVD Writer Zebronics Shivaji Cabinet with 450 Watts SMPS Wired TVS Keyboard and mouse Planning to sell...
  3. vinodh_89

    Xfx 8600gt 512mb Ddr2

    Selling my 3 months old XFX 8600GT 512MB DDR2 card, has still 33 months of warranty. Price : 2500 Reason : Got a Palit GTS 250 1 GB card ! Chennai buyers are preferred.(Cash on pick up) Pics : http://i39.tinypic.com/ao6td.jpg http://i44.tinypic.com/33lyrk9.jpg
  4. vinodh_89

    Old Celeron PC for sale

    Selling my Celeron PC Specs: 17" Compaq CRT Monitor ATX Cabinet 810 Chipset Motherboard Intel celeron 1.0 Ghz Processor 40 GB IDE HDD 1.44 FDD Samsung Combo Drive 256 MB SDRAM TVS Keyboard + Zebronics Optical mouse Expected Price : 3.5k Chennai takers will be preferred first...
  5. vinodh_89

    PS2 For sale

    Selling my 4 months old PS2[Slim - modded]... With 1 controller , 20 games, 8 MB memory Price : Starting from 4000 rupees[Highest bidders will take it!] Chennai buyers will be preferred first... [Reason for selling - Need some extra cash to get 9800 gtx ] Also contact me in Yahoo msgr ...
  6. vinodh_89

    PS2 slim with 20 Games

    PS2 Slim console with 20 games(not original) , 1 Controller, 8MB memory card (Reason for selling , getting an Xbox 360 :D) Console Model number : SCPH-75004 [3 months old] Price : Rs.5000 [Non-negotiable] Shipping charges : Rs.100 Place : Chennai Contact : vinodh_89@yahoo.com or PM Me
  7. vinodh_89

    14" Samsung Monitor - For chennai buyers

    14" Samsung SAMTRON45Bn CRT Monitor for sale Price : 1200 rupees Only for chennai buyers
  8. vinodh_89

    Nokia 3230 Used - For sale

    Nokia 3230 - For sale Nokia 3230- 1 year old For sale Looks like new, With box pack, 1 GB memory card, Head set, Datacable Price : 3.8k Location : Chennai Interested ppl contact me vinodh_89@yahoo.com
  9. vinodh_89

    Sale : 7300 GS (used)

    //sold to navikh33//
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