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    post beep error 1 long beep and 2 short beep

    hello all first of all i have been back after a long time as i am facing a very strange issue which is first time with my pc to start with i have amd phenom x2 545 process and asus mobo m4n68t recently around last 30 days my pc was getting switched off automatically just like by power cut...
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    AMD Phenom

    How Good is AMD Phenom Processor ie X2 545 with 3.1ghz & 7mb l2 cache ?? ?? ??
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    is it a virus or time to have a better sound card

    hi all i m having amd desktop with asus mobotherboard which comes with realtek sound last few days problem i am facing is that when i start the pc the sound is coming but then after some time the sound device gets disables the windows error comes but if i am playin any song it doesnt detect...
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    flickering problem with 17" tft

    Hi All i purchased new 17" lcd from 15" CRT ever since that i m not able to run some of my games propely i thnk refresh rate is less if i press somethng it takes a sec or two to react plz advice me if have to do n e settings in the game or so also now when i m opening any movie file the...
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    For Sell Nvidia Graphics Card 256 MB Dedicated

    Hi guys i have a Nvidia Graphics Card purchased 2 months back i wanna sell it back at pretty cheap price Its 256 dedicated graphics i will tell u i bought it for 3k so hoping to get close to 2.5k n yes not to 4get its a PCI Express Card so plz let me know
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    Vista Compatibility Softwares

    Hi this is ankti 1 of the thnkdigit forum members i have bought hp laptop with vista ultimate but i want to know whether photoshop corel n others have come up with the latest version n is compatible with vista spclly in vista ultimate
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    Hi can some1 help me out

    Hi all I just wanted a piece of help from you all i got nvedia graphics card GeForce 6500 i want to install it can n e 1 guide me for this i would b very thnkful to him i was almost done with the installation but something i had missed out so have removed n kept aside so if n e 1 wish...
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    help me install 120 gb hdd

    Hi frnz i had posted this Question b4 but donno it dissappeared somewhere i want to install 120 gb hd i have 40 gb already installed i want both to work at the same time i want to know how to keep the other hd as secondary master or slave n how do i know abt it thnx in adv
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    Help me install 120 gb HD with already 40 gb

    Hi guys i know this is the place where gonna get best suggestions i wanna install 120 gb HD how do i do that at the same time i also want my 40 gb to work i know which wire connects where but only thng i m confused with is the secondary primary master slave matter plz help me thnx in adv
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