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    SMC wireless router not working , any help appreciated

    hi everyone, I recently got a SMC Networks wireless router (ADSL2+)for my BSNL broadband connection. Everything was going on ok. when one fine day ..it stopped working .When i ping the modem,it gives a "PING: transmit failed. General failure." . Any users out there had similar issues ? any...
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    Nokia C7 available ?

    Is the Nokia C7, the cheaper sibling of N8 out in the market ? websites suggest it would retail less than 20K ?
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    Mid range android search : X8 vs Galaxy 5 Vs Moto Backflip

    I'm looking for a mid range Android phone ..costing around 18K .Am a bit confused now that every major vendor has started releasing mid range phones,but each one seem to be having a catch of its own, Looking for advice from users and wannabe users
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    LASIK surgery in bangalore

    Hi Digit ians, Have any of you (or your friends/relatives) done LASIK surgery recently ( 2008 ) in Bangalore. I would like to know about the following 1. Hospital 2. Quality of service 3. Cost
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    DVD Writer unable to read DVDs ,reads only CDs

    I am having a really wierd problem !! My Liteon DVD (18X) writer has started acting fussy all of a sudden and refuses to read DVDs.The surprising part is that it reads CDs (all kinds including RWs ) just fine. For a bit of a background,yesterday evening i noticed that my DVD drive was being...
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    Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2 ! Is it worth the cost

    I'm in the market on the lookout for buying a gamepad, and i'm told the Logitech's Rumble pad 2 is a good one.Wireless with force feedback. What i want to know is whether is it worth its price ? Are there any lags since its wireless. Any suggestions are welcome. I'm into games - mostly FPS and...
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    issues with 7.1 surround and SoundMax

    my config is C2D @ 2.4 Ghz on a Asus P5B Dlx. I have some issues with sound .I use the onboard 7.1 soundcard and the SoundMax app with Creative 7.1 speakers. While playback of movies in Power DVD , i find that i am able to hear background sounds and music,but the actual vocals are muted...
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    My HTPC config - Your Suggestions

    Hi everybody, here goes the config for my HTPC. waitin for all your comments n suggestions My usage would be Gaming ,Movies,Music (not necessarily in that order :) ) Proccy:C2D E6600 2.4Ghz M/B :Asus P5B Deluxe RAM :2 X 1 GB Kingston@677 Mhz Gfx :XFX 7300 GS (A stopgap till a DX10...
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    Samsung 19"W Vs Viewsonic 20" W TFT Monitors

    I'm planning for major PC upgrade.So looking for a good TFT monitor Stuck between a Samsung 19" 940 BW & a Viewsonic 20" Widescreen (Both with DVI support ) Main usage would be games,movies and multimedia. My dilema is whether to go for the viewsonic 20" which costs approx 3K more than the...
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    Online Shopping & Delivery of products to India

    Hi ppl , Wanted to know what's the procedure for buying online for products which are delivered only within USA/Canada . If i gave the shipping address of a friend (Living there ) and then asked him to ship it to India ? How much would it cost and what would be the mode in which the...
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    Suggest a mobo for my E6600

    hi guys ,planning for an upgrade sometime soon ,need your help on this config I'm planning on a C2D E6600 RAM : 2 x 1 GB @667 Mhz ( Probably Kingston ) I'll be using this as an entertainment rig (= games,movies... ) and have no intention of setting up a SLI I'm in a bit of a...
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    Which UPS ?? What rating ??

    i would like to buy a new UPS for my PC.so i would like to know what rating to select .i hav been using a 500 va tvs ups so far.and i wuld be upgrading my pc shortly ,so will a 500 va ups be sufficient or should i go for a higher rating one . i might be upgrading to SLI based config .Also...
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    Imation flash drive not working !!suggestions needed

    i " was " a proud owner of an imation flash drive ( 512 MB - swivel cap).But all of a sudden ,it has stopped working.It doesnt get detected in winxp .and since i got this drive outside india ..i cant even give it back for replacement .any ideas on what could hav gone wrong and any suggestions...
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    saving SMS on SIM

    is there any way , sms and ringtones can be saved on to the sim card ?? i hav an old sim card and wuld like to store old sms and ringtones on it .
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    Saving yahoo! mails

    I have a query regarding saving yahoo mails . I usually save emails using the save as option ( i use IE and os =win98se) .Later when offline,opening the file opens IE with the error! page not found message.but when i open the same file with edit wth word option ,it displays the saved...
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    Welcome 2 INDIA NVIDIA

    check out http://www.techspot.com/story17025.html does this mean we can buy graphics cards @ lesser prices and minus the taxes ????
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