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    How to buy from Ebay USA.

    Shipping from Hongkong might be very expensive, using any package forwarding services like Shop and Ship or Shipitto Shop and Ship :: Country Rates
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    Your preferred programming language

    Scala and Haskell, Functional pl #FTW
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    Turbo C problem.

    what error do you get? from that "Run Option"
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    How to install a Live Webcast

    i have used dimdim which was decent for screencasting also i would like to mention about SKYPE, it has decent addins which can be used for screen sharing
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    How to compile this thing in windows

    did u download the source code? from that foolabs website? are we on the same page? i did not try with the latest xpdf (3.02) as it is not ported officially to windows.
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    Is Page file useful?

    it is because, the OS memory scheduler(Virtual Memory Manager (VMM) on Windows platforms.) kicks in, if it finds the RAM usage more than 50%, and swaps page to and fro HDD(secondary storage). In my experience, if you are not using optimal memory(not running resource intensive...
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    How to compile this thing in windows

    you have got the wrong link, you should get the sources from here pdftohtml - Browse /pdftohtml/pdftohtml-0.39 at SourceForge.net and then get the source for XPDF from somewhere you want and put it inside the src folder, it has a ms_make.bat which will link all object files and compile a...
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    How to compile this thing in windows

    i know warez is a no-no here, i just cant figure what was wrong dat time ,and hey it wasnt spam, i just wrote more detailed step by actually running the executable. thx for the heads-up though
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    How to compile this thing in windows

    It is a windows binary file, if you open it it has a README which clearly mentions the steps Running pdftohtml ----------------- To run pdftohtml type : pdftohtml file.pdf To produce complex output (most people will want that, probably) : pdftohtml -c file.pdf i...
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