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    creative inspire T6100 and T6200...........Which is better/?? help me out....i'm in hurry to buy....either one of the above given speakers..??? pls tell me their prices also....(i know the appox ones)/.// :D
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    Mobile buying Advice..

    I am a digit subscriber. I am upto buying a new phone.My budget is within 8000.suggest me a good phone.i somewhat chose nokia c5-03. but I am confused after seeing some of the reviews that this phone has got.I cant decide whether to go for a android phone or should i continue trusting...
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    Speakers.....which one 2 buy ?

    Is inspire M5300 out of the market ??..I want 2 buy 5.1 speakers/...which is bettr..my budget is rs 4000....help me out.guys.. Is wood made speakers best than the plastic made one? ??? suggest.//./
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    Portable HDD

    I want 2 buy a 1TB portable HDD....pls suggest me which one to buy.....my budget is less.....i dont hav no idea regarding portable HDD so suggest ...pls..
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    I want buy a 5.1 or 4.1 Speakers..

    Sir i'm a Di9it subscriber..please suggest me some speakers 4.1 or 5.1..along with their prices...i watch movies and also play games....my budget is less than 4000....pls suggest as quickly as possible.....personally i wan2 hve the creative speakers....pls suggest..me and help me out...
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    Repeated motherboard failure problem ..somebody quickly help me out.

    Sir I am a Digit subcriber..and I am experiencing a serious problem ... Actually I dont know what is the actual Problem behind the problem which I am experiencing..so pls tell me the reason for the problem and also tell me the measures to control it so that it does not occur any time in future...
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