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    psu for gamin gpc under rs.5000

    this kind of communities earn through user generated content. and this is how they treat users..the solution by nikhilsharma007nikx is correct. close down the registration part.. and enjoy low traffic..US forums are the best one.. whatever you ask they reply and do not just start with a useless...
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    psu for gamin gpc under rs.5000

    wow people love to say noob to others using technology jargon... the answer was really not expected from the seniors...i was recommended to use this community by old friend.. but it looks people does not entertain novice....and above that i got two reputation here first noob and second not so...
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    psu for gamin gpc under rs.5000

    What is the problem with harshilsharma63 & nikhilsharma007nikx. if they are so smart, they why to reply and spoil someones post..thinkdigit is the worst forum i saw.
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    psu for gamin gpc under rs.5000

    looking for psu under rs.5000. my existing one is cm thunder. it stopped working after a power outage.
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    Cheap & Best PC - Budget 8 to 10k

    for cabinet i bought one from circle for rs.980 with 240w smps. i dont know the model. for monitor you can get samsung s19b150b for rs.5735. no hdmi but.
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    sharing using wifi

    enable your file sharing settings once again from open network and sharing center.
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