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    Samsung Omnia or Defy Plus??

    Please help me to choose between Samsung Omnia WI8350 & the Defy Plus...With the Omnia, is apps available easliy & freely like Android ?? 2nd, how's the GPS map in Omnia; I have to travel a lot so maps for me is pretty important...:confused::confused::-?
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    Defy or Sony Ericsson SK17i (Black)

    Please help me to chose between Motorola Defy & Sony Ericsson SK17i (Black); also is the Defy +, worth buying if compared to Defy???:???::???:
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    Blackberry 3G curve or Motorola Defy??

    I have shortlisted the Motorola Defy, for purchase. I also have an option to buy the Blackberry Curve 3G. Are there any solid reasons to go for the Blackberry? I will not have push mail access on my berry though.
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    Android Multimedia within 15 k??

    Hi !! Looking for an Android phone, within 15k. Looking forward for, 1. Big Capacitative screen. 2. 5 mp or > camera. 3. GPS with map (as I travel a lot ) 4. FM radio/ Media player. 5. Ease of texting/ e-mails/ f.b.:?: Thanks in advance.
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