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    c2d x86 or x64...

    Wel tel me one thing fellas..the Core 2 Duo (E6300 specifically) is a 64-bit Chip right? then why is that in the Device Manager it says x86 architechture and not x64?.
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    No Thermal Paste !!

    Can anybody plz help me out with my doubt regarding thermal paste and core 2 duo? I got this E6300 (1.86Ghz) the box pack which came with a thermal heat sink.When i installed the chip and heatsink i didnt apply any thermal paste on my own.Is it alright to use it this way? I dont plan to...
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    MTNL LAN Connection

    I have MTNL' TRiband connection (NU plan). I connect through USB port! how to configure LAN for sharing files?
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    Duration of ADSL Connection???

    Is there any software/apps to find the duration of the an ADSL connection?(i use MTNL NU plan and i suspect them of cuttin my connection somewhere in the middle of the night!!)? If yes then please post them.
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    Play Pc Games on Playstation 2??

    Hey guys can v play PC games on Playstation 2??
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    DVD Writer Lens Cleaner

    Hey guys i have been having some odd problems with my Sony DVD Writer DRU-A710(which i bought a year ago).I think its the lens which is giving problems.I was thinkin to clean it using a DVD-Cleaner DVD.Will that work for a Writer? If not suggest me some good ideas?? Thanks
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    Install error FreeBSD

    Guys help me out here!! I hav a Samsung 20Gb DD with WinXP pro loaded on it. Win XP is loaded on the primary partition (C:) i hav an E: drive on the logical partition. I wanted to Install FreeBSD (which came in Nov 2004 Digit DVD). I created another primary partition i: for FreeBSD Now...
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    Dr. Divx!! 7 hrs??

    Hey guys just tel me how long should it take to RIP a 3hr movie DVD using Dr.Divx into avi?? My comp took some painful 7 HOURS ! ! Also tel me how check and Enable DMA for Harddisk??
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    Rate this config

    Wel guys plz help me to upgrade my existin config: I currently hav Athlon 1.13GHz with 256Mb(SDRAM) with a Gigabyte Mobo with onboard graphics(a measly 8Mb memory one!!) Wel just tak a look at wat i need n then recommend the right one: AMD Athlon 64 FX or Athlon 64 Suggest a mobo which...
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    Gmail Drive!!!

    Anybody used the Gmail Drive??? Its not working in my comp!! Keeps giving error that it cant connect to the server!!
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    Max Temperature for HDD

    What can be the Maximum Temp for Hard Disk? My hard disks Temp goes on til 27degrees C.
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    Multisession DVD

    Can i do a Multisession on a DVD??I use Nero6.Plz tel me how!
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    WinXP LOG ON Prob!! Urgent!!

    Plz help me out guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My uncle brought home his Office Laptop which has WinXp Pro loaded. I messed up something with its Network Setting and it juts doesnt accept the previous Password. This is what i did: System Properties -> Selected 'Computer Name' Tab -> Clicked...
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    Internet Explorer Prob!! sapisvr.exe

    What is this sapisvr.exe?? It always starts to run in the background whever i start Internet Explorer.I always endtask it.Is there a way to completely block it.I even deleted it once but it recreates again.Plz Help me avoid it.
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    Buy iPod or Creative?

    hey guy i want to buy portable MP3 player but cant decide between iPod n Creative Nomad!! Budget is 250$ Shud i buy it from US or INDIA??PLz recommend something!!
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    Form Factor

    What do u exactly mean by Form Factor? Help me out guys .this doubt has been buggin me for long time!
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    Change IP

    Is it possible to CHANGE one's IP address??If yes then is there any software to do that?Plz post ur replies as i need them.
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    Modem for 24 hrs Net connection

    Well guys i took the MTNL's "Telephone line for Internet " Offer.currently hav 33.6kbps modem.Thinkin of buyin 56kbps.What do you guys suggest Internal or External.I am connected to net almost 20hrs a day.
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    MSCONFIG.EXE not opening

    Hey guys help me out here!! I cant open msconfig.exe. Whenever i try to run it, it opens for a flash of a second and then closes.In the prcoess's runnin window there is this unusual process called 'libsysmgr.exe'.I think this is causin the problem but then when i try to close it it simply...
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    DOS Problem in WindowsXP

    I use WindowsXP(with no Service packs installed).Recently i am not able to run any DOS based program.An error shows up saying,"C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT.The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications." Please help me with this problem as i have to run...
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