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    Want suggestions for 1TB External HDD purchase

    Friends I want to purchase an external HDD of 1 TB. I have read some eariler posts on the same, but I want suggestions on some more informations. 1. Wchich one is the best WD/Seagate/Adata 2. I am confused between USB 3.0 & USB 2.0, actually I have never used any USB 3 device, so I want to...
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    Insatll Wine in Ubuntu

    I want to install Wine in my system. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Please tell me how to install it using Synaptic manager and also from Terminal. And also how I can use windows programs using Wine.
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    External Hard Disk

    I am running out of my laptop hard disk, so I am thinking to purchase an external hard disk of 1Tb. But I dont have any idea how it behaves. I have some questions,please help. 1. How it works actually like a pendrive or what? 2. Can I make partitions in it? 3. Can I install an os and other...
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    bada 2.0

    I am using a Samsung Wave S525 and its os is bada 1.1. So will it support the laetst bada 2.0. If yes how I can update the same?
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    Recover lost data

    I was installing Windows 7 in my laptop. I had 4 partitions earlier. I deleted 2 Partitions and merged them, but when I clicked the refresh option there automatically it deleted my another partition of 43GB and made it 2 partitions of 22GB and 21GB itself. Now when I installed windows 7 it is...
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    login problem in ubuntu 11.04

    I am using ubuntu 11.04 along with windows xp sp3 as a program in it. It was working fine, but now I cant login in to ubuntu. At the login screen it is showing a message, "Install problem. The configuration defaults for GNOME Power manager have not been installed correctly. Please contact your...
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    vlc in ubuntu

    Its a very good thing that ubuntu 11.04 has allowed to use vlc media player. But I cant use 1 interface of vlc to use this,means if i play a file in vlc and and start another file then it doesnt overwrite but it is opening another vlc player. Secondly I cant drag a media file and put it on vlc...
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    operating system update

    I do have a Samsung Wave S5253. It is using bada 1.1 os. Can i update it to bada 2.0? If yes, then how and will it keep my datas those are in phone memory or erase everything?
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    downloader for ubuntu

    Is there any downloader just like Internet Download Manager for Ubuntu? So that it wil be easy to download. Please suggest me.
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    programming e books

    Please suggest me some websites from wher I can download pdf e bboks freely, relating to c, C++ and java
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    chromium os

    Dear Sir, Can I use the Chromium Os in my laptop? Its a Dell Vostro A847.
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