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    Videos keep hanging

    after i reloaded xp,the speed increased but the videos keep hanging. i hv a intel centrino pentium M processor wid 256 MB ram. is the RAM insufficient or can i do nething abt it??? i tried VLC n windows media player...:confused:
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    Lost 12GB space!!!

    There's Unaccounted 12Gb in the boot drive of my computer. there arent any bad sectors in my hard drive,but still after reloading win XP again,the lost space is....ummm...still lost out sumwhr.:rolleyes: can ne1 help???
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    Enabling the drive letters???

    i disabled all the drive letters barring 3 for my 2 HD n cd drive slot somewhere. now,any external hard drive or pen drive i connect doesnt show up,even though its connected to the computer.i cant remember where i disabled all the drive letters...can some good samaritan help???:confused:
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    unable to find the folder option in the tools sub menu

    even aftr repeated formatting m unable to unearth my hidden folders. even the oen in the windows help n support didnt yield any results...plz help:confused:
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    HELP!Cant find the folder options.

    iam unable to find the folder options under the tools submenu...i even tried formatting it but still there's no use...am unable to see my hidden folders. plz help
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