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    LCD Monitor Brightness Issues

    Hi I recently purchased a Samsung Syncmaster 2243LNX - 54cm widescreen monitor. Lately I have been seeing that the right side of the monitor is a bit more brighter than the left part. Can anyone tell me so as to what might be problem here? also I have noticed one dead pixel on the monitor, so is...
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    XAMPP not working

    backup the file named index.php in your htdocs folder to index.php.bak (or nething) and then bring in ur new index file here, hit localhost on your browser, it should work now!!
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    .iso in Linux?

    use k3b, it has an option for image burn to disk
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    can nebody tell the model names of the SE fones advt>?????

    thanx brother, thankyou very much
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    how check if my DVD riter can boot from DVDs or not?

    thanx both of u, for the info, prob solved
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    can nebody tell the model names of the SE fones advt>?????

    recently three SE phones were being advertiesd on the TV, but i forgot the model no. and names, can ne body pls tell what model they were?
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    writing image on dvd

    select the option : burn image to disk : (dont select write files) and then check the "verify contents" box. this is the case of nero
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    How 2 convert avseq.dat files to mpeg/rm/avi???

    How 2 convert avseq.dat files to mpeg/rm/avi??? guys, i have many vcds, in which all files are in avseq.dat format, which take up considerable anount of space when copied to harddisk, so is there any software which can convert the avseq.dat files to mpe or rm or avi?
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    What is the official email address of president of india?

    his website : http://presidentofindia.nic.in Send an e-mail to the President of India at :: presidentofindia@rb.nic.in
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    Mounting Prob wid 80 GB HDD on FC5,only 1 partition is displayed of the total 4

    hi! am using FedoraCore5, p3 733 mhz system wid 256 MB ram, to hdds 20 gb samsung as master and 80 gb samsung as slave. 80 gb hdd has 4 partitions : 3 of 19.5 gb and 1 of 15.6 gb (all formatted in fat32 filesystem) now when i type fdisk -l at terminal i get only one partition listed...
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    how check if my DVD riter can boot from DVDs or not?

    hi , i recently got a Lite-on dvd riter., nd tried the new fedora core 32 bit dvd installer., which was bootable. but the dvd doesnt boot and proceeds 2 start windows., when i asked the delear, he said that the drive could boot from dvds. now how do i verify this, or has he duped me? urgent...
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    How bring "connected icon" in the system tray in win 98?

    How bring "connected icon" in the System tray in win 98 in case of Broadband. I am using MTNL triband with a Router that is connected to my comp via usb, which is recognised as Remote NDIS device.
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    BGI Graphics not supported under Windows ????

    i wrote a graphics program in TC++ (turbo c++), and it was all fine. But when i compiled the same on BORLAND C++ 5.02 (for Windows), the following Compiler error was shown: GRAPHICS.H(20,52) : Error Directive: BGI graphics not supported under Windows. :cry: :cry: Screenshot...
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    Does ONLINE STREAMING of media reduce my download limit???

    I have a MTNL Triband 400 MB download limit internet connection. I wanted to know whether online streaming will reduce my download limit (balance) ? help req. urgent.
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    strange problem in xp, CTRL+ALT+DEL does nt brin d taskbar..

    typin msconfig in run, opens the msconfig... but ctrl+alt+del doesnot brin task manager, btw wats **** ???
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    strange problem in xp, CTRL+ALT+DEL does nt brin d taskbar..

    when i press ctrl+alt+del .. three keys together, the task manager doesnot ope, nothing happens.... pls help me to restore the task manger when i press ctrl+alt+del.
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    Colorize Black and White photos :::: GR8 SOFTWARE

    Recolored is a software application that helps you with the otherwise difficult and time consuming task of colorizing black and white photos. Based on the latest developments in computer assisted image colorization, Recolored makes it possible for anyone to achieve professional looking results...
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    language used in xp ??

    i meant, by my my reply dat, i know 2 languages vich wer used, 2 build win xp, if u cant get it, den its ur problem.... bro.......
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    language used in xp ??

    i know 2 lingos .... Borland C++ (not turbo), C# ......
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    How 2 kno d version of my usb port widout openin d cabinet ?

    but it states only two entries...
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