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    Sound Card for Music and Gaming

    I am going to buy a sound card for my PC. Budget :5K Purpose:Music and Gaming Is Xonar DX overkill to my Altec Lansing ATP 3 2:1 Speakers? My Rig: Quad Core Q8400 Intel DG35EC Transcend 4GB DDR2 800MHz Sapphire ATI HD 5770 Corsair VX550 Altec Lansing ATP 3 2:1
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    Pl suggest a good Case for Iphone 2G.

    Pl suggest a good Case for protecting My Iphone 2G. How is SwitchEasy Capsule? It is for Rs.1150 in ebay. The package contains: * Switch easy capsule for Apple iPhone. * Universal dock adapter. * Two non-adhesive accented protective guards. * Tactile Touch™...
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    Creative EP 630 or standard earphone

    Hi My Friend give me a IPhone 2G 2.0(from USA)as Diwali Gift. Is the Creative EP630 works with the Iphone? Is it better than the earphone comes with the Iphone?
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    Pl suggest a Ph with Touchscreen(win OS)

    Pl suggest a Phone with the following requirements: 1. Budget:12K - 16k (windows OS only) 2. with 3g, bluetooth, edge, wifi 3. Music & Video playback 4. GPS 5. Mem slot 6. Touch screen 7. Good Camera
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    Is the Antec SP400 enough for my rig?

    I have a PC with the following config. Intel C2D 4500 2.2GHz Abit IP 35 E 2GB Transcend DDR2 800MHz(1GBx2) 160GB SEAGATE SATA HDD Galaxy 8600GT 256MB DDR3 DELL SE198 WFP 19" LCD SONY 820A DVD Writter SAMSUNG DVD Drive FRONTECH TV Tuner Card ATP 3 2:1 Speakers Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard...
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