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    Help needed with a C++ problem

    I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who has been banging his head for more than 5 days in this so, any help would be appreciated - http://cyclone2k.sitesled.com/files/Program_Practice.doc
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    Gmail opens it's doors

    http://www.gmail.com now open for public registration!! Though, everyone I know has gmail now!!
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    The President of India posts a question on Yahoo Answers

    Didn't see (of course, I did a search) it posted here yet so, posting it. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylc=X3oDMTFtMXI2N3ZvBF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEX3MDMzk2NTQ1MTAzBHNlYwNmcm9udCBwYWdlBHNsawNGUC1Ub2RheUludA--?qid=20070112135510AAD7SB8&fr=hp
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    Microsoft Vista released for sale

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/6158719.stm MICROSOFT Founded: 1975 HQ: Redmond, Washington Staff: 71,000 Sales: $44.3bn Operating profit: $16.5bn Windows sales: $13.2bn Office sales: ~$10bn Financial year to 30 June 2006 Source: annual report 2006 Microsoft's new...
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    WHM Reseller Hosting: Plans starting @INR 200 for 500MBs!!

    Greetings, Hereby Solinweb.net feels proud to expand itself and introduce reseller plans on our brand new servers. These special prices are exclusive to our thinkdigit members only! So, here's the opportunity to bag the deal at unmatched rates all over the country with quality support...
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    DivX DVD Player??

    Hi there, I wanted to ask if DivX compatible DVD players are available in India or not?? I googled and found names as - PHILIPS DVP642 but, couldn't find any Indian site selling or providing it's INR price. So, if anyone owns a DivX compatible DVD player, please provide me info on it...
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    Linux Webhosting Offer - 50mb @ INR 300 per yr

    Solinweb.net - Webhosting service with experience of more than 4 years. ================================================ BUDGET HOSTING ================================================ Space: 50mb Bandwidth: 1500mb Price: Annual Price - $7.50 INR --- Price: Annual Price - Rs. 300...
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    DVD-RW query

    Hey Everyone, Now that I got 700mb left in my 80gb hdd I finally need to buy a DVD-RW. But, since following hardware market for a while can somebody, please help me with DVD-RW purchase. Here are my queries - 1. I need support for Dual Layer DVD-RWs. Are there 2 types of DVD burners?? One for...
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    Opinion needed about Motorola C650

    http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=487 http://www.mobile-review.com/review/motorola-c650-en.shtml Could somebody please give his/ her opinion about this set?? I am offered this for 3K (2nd hand), is the price fine?? I have other sets too but, want to keep this as emergency...
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    Best Mobile within 15k-20k Range

    Suggestions invited from everyone. I have raised my budget this time for my new mobile. Specifications needed: 1. Atleast 1.3MP Camera with video recording. 2. MP3, audio, video playback support. 3. Truetones, MP3 Tones, Polyphonic 4. Downloadable games 5. Wallpapers, themes...
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    Wrooommm... Flying Cars are here! Got license?

    Check this here along with their prices. http://www.firebox.com/index.html?dir=firebox&action=product&pid=415 No more road jams, just news will change from road accident to air accident!! The Jetson Era is here!!
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    Something better than Nokia 6600?

    I was thinking of buying this set but, my one of my friend just bought it. So, now, I wish to get something better than it with not much price difference with all the features as 6600 and something more to make difference. I have already got various softwares for 6600 so, any mobile set...
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    polyphonic ringtones = wat pc format?

    can some1 plz. tell wat format are the polyphonic ringtones that can be saved into mobile 4m pcs?
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    Please suggest me a mobile with these features

    WITH - - MP3 Ringtones - Joystick Control - Colour Screen (best resolution possible) - Downloadable Games Brand- nokia or sony cheapest possible I am thinking of sony j200i, but, it's feedback is not that good. ------------------------ Extra - MP3/ Video playback - Radio...
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    Dataone problem.

    I have BSNL Dataone broadband. It worked quite fine. From few days I was hearing some sounds from my PC CPU Cabinet so, I opened it tried to find out where the problem lies. It was from the Graphics card (NVIDIA RIVA TNT2) fan. It didn't run properly, not in full speed, it stopped, ran, stopped...
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    Installing Windows xp pro directly?

    I read on some issue of digit on installing windows xp directly from dos, I can find which issue was that. Can somebody please tell me on how to install windows xp directly from dos?
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    CD-RW doesn't get detected and long xp pro start up time!

    Recently I installed a new driver for my LG GCE-8526B and after installing both my drives, i.e. one LG DVD ROM and this CD-RW drive got disappeared and even after restart they didn't appear. After system restore the DVD-ROM is back but, the CD-RW is still out of order. Even, in the BIOS I can't...
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