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    Cannot format Memory card

    I have a 6600 which had a virus recently the Nokia care ppl removed the virus by installing the whole Symbian again, the the prob is tat now i cannot format my MMC of 64mb, it just doesnot get formated by my Cell i also tried in Ngage, & also tried to format it with help of my Digital Camera...
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    Animated .gifs???

    Guys, need ur help. theres a prob. with IE, It doesnot show animation of .gif images. Even the Avatars in this forum do not show animation, n even due to this Smilies of Yahoo! Messenger do not show animation. :?:
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    Hhmmm....... does it!

    Hello Is DAP worth using for a Dial-Up user. Is its claim of speeding up ddls upto (upto) 300% right. :!: :arrow:
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    Music.. but Which??

    Hello. 1 line Question. Which is the best Audio Format avaliable today. :!: :arrow:
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    I Bet u ll solve this..

    Hello! A Question. I have 1 HDD of 20GB. It runs Windows 98/XP (Dual Boot) I have bought a new HDD of 80GB & Installed Win XP. i.e now there r 3 OS on my PC. I made the new HDD as HDD-0 & old HDD-1. I wana boot through the New HDD but it doesnt says OS not found. How do I boot? What...
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    Rs. 5000/-

    Hello to all. My CD Rom is Dead. I am urgent need of 1, & thought to buy a DVD Writer itself. The Prise I heard is 5000/-. Any Specifiers to which to be bought. Would it be worth this prise or at present I should Wait for a DVD riter. :idea: :arrow:
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    New New...... Opera

    Opera For Windows v7.60 b7141 Released : Internet Browsers NewsStandards support Opera prides itself in supporting all major Web standards currently in use, including CSS2, HTML4, XHTML1, HTTP1.1, DOM1, JavaScript, PNG, Unicode, and the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm. Search directly in address...
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