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  1. ulysses

    LED TV: Smart or not

    Once for all buy a smart TV . with a wifi router at home you could stream from your Tab/smartphone in to HDTV using Google Chromecast.:-D Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player Dongle for HDTV | eBay
  2. ulysses

    Google Nexus 7 now available in India

    Play store version is 16Gb & non expandable. So thinking of 32GB today from Ebay using "weekend103" coupon to get rs 1500 off. It is listed @20k .after discount comes to 18500. playstore version @16k.But not sure what vat,delivery charges they will add? paylessindia | eBay
  3. ulysses

    Nexus 7 - Worth buying now?

    Iam considering Asus nexus 7 -32 GB from Ebay using "weekend013" coupon. Listed price Rs19999. . After Discount using 7.5 % coupon comes to approximate rs 18500. Google Play store is quoting Rs 16000 fore 8 GB (not sure vat or other taxes they will add) what you guys think?:| paylessindia...
  4. ulysses

    confused between these 3 handsets

    I tried "move to sd" app in my Galaxy Nexus. (un rooted). says can not work in this device. so removed it. I kind of wanted to instal my older phones Nexus One . So no root -no for this kind of app.
  5. ulysses

    best torrent site

    By the way where did you order the pantech burst? Ishop or PPO box import method from usa or direct ebay? what is the damage?
  6. ulysses

    confused regarding nexus 7

    I have a ebay 7% coupon.valid till 12th Feb First cum First serve. Min purchase Rs 5000. max discount Rs 2500. Just tried whether it is working or not on Samsung 32" LED TV model: UA32 EH4003 =Rs 22,990 (door delivery in wooden crate,no wall mount only stand + dealer (seller) warranty.) Got rs...
  7. ulysses

    Need new Phone for a budget of about 24k

    Iam right now using Galaxy Nexus (bought last christmas from US) . You get updates instantly (JB 4.12 right now) I still have 2 year old Galaxy Nexus-s (also running latest update) and Google Nexus-One (3 year old) (but no jelly bean -2.36 only) all are working well and never needed any service...
  8. ulysses

    Data card suggestions.

    Even though I have used Tata Photon Plus (CDMA)prepaid for more than a year (before jumping in to 3G sim+ unlocked 3G data card band wagon ) and my wife has a company given Post paid Reliance Net Connect even now (CDMA), I will suggest you get a unlocked 7.2 mbps data card from ebay.in...
  9. ulysses

    Post your mobile internet (2G/3G/Wifi) speeds here

    GALAXY NEXUS Galaxy Nexus with Airtel 3G sim.:wink:
  10. ulysses

    Official Android discussion thread

    I have Nexus One, Nexus-s andthe latest Galaxy Nexus too. (now wifey using nexus-s and child using nexus one) None rooted. Galaxy Nexus with 4.02 ICS (official) now has native screen shot capabiity.:wink:
  11. ulysses

    letsbuy coupons

    what was the listed price and how much you discount you got?:razz:
  12. ulysses

    hi I am going to buy asus laptop. Plz tell how are asus laptops.

    Most Asus laptops have good build quality. I bought a month back Asus X53U with AMD C50 Dual core chip with built in Radeon HD6250M /2GB Ram/320 Gb HDD /DOS for rs 17.7k. Installed 64 bit Win 7 ultimate and added 2 GB DDR3 Ram @ Rs 800. Most Asus laptops comes in DOS only. so you should...
  13. ulysses

    Online Mobile Recharge

    For the last few months Iam using Oxicash wallet and recharging talk time top ups and some data plans (not all data plans /BSNL/MTNL data top ups available in Oxicash) I top up my wallet using credit card/debit card/net banking for Rs 300 or 500. Then using the wallet to recharge many family...
  14. ulysses

    New Laptop Within 22k

    Bought Lenovo G570 from Flipkart with Intel B950 proccy ( 2.1 Ghz)/ 2 GB DDR3 Ram/500 Gb HDD/ 15.6" /DOS with free lenovo bag and mouse @ 22600 ten days ago. Now the price is almost Rs 1000 more !!!! with OS Win 7 Home basic even B800 processor models costs above Rs 25k in lenovo and...
  15. ulysses

    Netbook or Laptop under 23000

    Bought the 2GB DDR3 RAM in Secunderabad (not Bangalore) near Paradise circle in the CTC computer bazaar.
  16. ulysses

    Need a DDR2 Graphic card for Dual monitor -Not gaming-Stock charts

    Skud Ji Thanks a lot once again. Refer another 2Gb DDR2 Ram stick- even though DDR2 is expensive than DDr3, I have to go with another DDr2 only for the reason you mentioned. 2 GB ddr2 Ram stick( Rs 1200?) once I instal win7 ultimate sp1 64 bit ( I do have ). Instead of erasing /re writing the...
  17. ulysses

    Need a DDR2 Graphic card for Dual monitor -Not gaming-Stock charts

    Skud ! Thanks for your reply. I was not aware that one can use DDR3 Graphic card when the mother board Ram is DDR2 Ram. I searched about my PSU Fronttech JIL-2412.It looks like 500w. Agreed-By todays standards this is junk.The system is 4years old atleast I think.(not used for few years as I...
  18. ulysses

    Need a DDR2 Graphic card for Dual monitor -Not gaming-Stock charts

    My current desk top system config as follows: CPU: E 4500 Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-G31M-S21L Ram: 2GB Monitor:22" LCD standard box+ front tech psu model JIL-2412 ( I think 400W) Win 7 ultimate 32bit Can I add the 1GB DDR3 (dual monitor -2xdvi-enabled) ATI 5450 in my system? 2 brands...
  19. ulysses

    Which DTH should I go for?

    Hi I like your suggestion. I have 4 TV's at home .( two 29" (one 8 year old Akai and latest slim LG 29" CRT)+two 21" (ten year old still going good) Cable wallah gave originally 2+2 Extn -still paying @rs 300!!for all 4.:-D:)) but now I have to buy atleast one 32" LED/LCD with DTH...
  20. ulysses

    Gifting suggestion needed; #girl #birthday :D

    Since the person uses a Blackberry which is more of a message phone, get an android phone.it is real deal even compared with apple i phone. watches- Once I had a passion- I have 10 genuine watches (above Rs 20k each all bought abroad 10 years back) and 20 First quality copies.(bought in...
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