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    gtx670 price info. in nehru place?

    as the title suggest, do anyone knows the current price of gtx670 in NP, I wanna buy one I was thinking of " "evga gtx670 ftw" msi gtx670 power edition gigabyte gtx670 wf3 please help me out! and availability & pricing also ...and just so you guys know I have a alternative choice it...
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    hd6950 or hd6870 or hd7770?

    hello, guys well my friend is a buying a gpu his budget is 9k now the main he tried olx to find some old gpus and he found a sapphire hd6870@7.2k 9 mnths used,with bill & every accessory, (will check b4 buying ) and a sapphire hd6950 2gb dirt3@9k 10 months old, seal packed,never used as...
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    hd7870 price in nehru place??

    hello ... btp._do you guys know the current price of hd7870 in nehru place at Flipkart the lowest price is 19k-20k for sapphire oc model fyi I already have a hd6950 but its in my other rig and I'm buying a totally new here it is: MOBO :ASRock z77 extreme4@10.6k CPU: i5 2500k@11.7k...
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    will x2 555@3.8ghz(only 2 cores:( ) bottleneck my new sapphire hd6950 dirt3 edition at 1920x1200

    hey guyz, I've bought a hd6950 2gb with bios switch at 11k my system spec are: amd x2 555@3.8ghz stock fan (no luck unlocking ) msi 785gm p45 seasonic eco600 600w psu iball i8181 case lg display 22"@1920x1200p and etc. so my question is will my CPU bottleneck my card,,,,I've not tried...
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    upgrade or buy a new pc?

    Hi guys I 'm new in digit And my prob is I have a 2 year old pc: X2 555@3.8ghz(can't unlock ) Msi 785gm p45 4 gb ddr3@1333 I ball cabinet with 250w Nvidia gt430 500gb Display 1920x1200@60hz I know this rig sucks I play my games at 1024x768@low very bad experience I was a noob, so my...
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