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    Best in-ear , earphones within 500rs?

    K guys I'm buying es18 tmrw And is es18 better than pl18 or any other earphones within 700?plz confirm I can't buy again ;p at least I can get best in how much I can pay for :)
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    Rooting Galaxy S2

    Cm9 or aokp then customize them to your wish. Just search aokp themes in market you'll get all kind of themes
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    Rooting Galaxy S2

    Ya but I already mentioned I Don't like touchwiz ;p Well it depends on their tastr I like aokp cause for me it's better than those Sammy roms at least for me and I can get any theme for it sense, and touchwiz or what ever ;)
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    Best in-ear , earphones within 500rs?

    Es18 is sold out in infibeam. There is in flipkart but 650 and 550in ebay. I'm thinking in buying from flipkart since it is reputed and safe compared to individual seller of ebay Or else is there any earphone gone better than es18 and max 700rs? Any how, How is this...
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    Best in-ear , earphones within 500rs?

    I'm going to buy es18 is it worth and in flipkart it is around 800 but in ebay it is just 450 Is that from ebay genuine?
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    Android Phone connected to wifi but NO INTERNET!

    And bro remember not all laptops supports as wifi hot spot
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    Rooting Galaxy S2

    No not that. Under volt, over clock, governor etc Well in my opinion currently I switched to aokp rom only aokp an its good compared to cm9 or cm merged with aokp. But if you want very stable rom then you have to go to Sammy roms..
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    Need advice

    Any one?
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    Rooting Galaxy S2

    Lol come on accept you haven't tried most of the best roms out there. There is a pure rom which is built from aosp sources and gives pure Google experience I know cause I was a nexus s user before switching to s2. Also it depends on how you modify your rom and which kernel you use. And how you...
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    Samsung b3210 prblm

    use task manager and kill tasks before opening big apps or give it to c-care
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    Emergency galaxy s2 locked

    it happened to me same before i tried all methods none worked i also dint wanted to give it c-care so i used odin and flashed stock rom this is what they do in customer care centre i downloaded that firmware from here - SamMobile Firmware Page but now i m rooted ;)
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    Galaxy S2 vs MotoRAZR droid

    I have s2 and I'm happy with it If you want to buy it then go for it. If you want best camera then go for Sony xperia s or wait for some days then one x will be available in 32range till then I hope you can save some money and buy. S2 is good but if you want a phone for at least 2 years then go...
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    Need:Mobile Phone below 12.5 K

    If you want android neo v or ace is good If you bada omnia or wave Or else buy seconds galaxy r
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    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    eminem - lose yourself , drop the world[ft] , airplanes pt 2 most of eminem songs
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    how can i downgrade my galaxy note from Ics to gingerbread?

    you can downgrade using odin i dont know whether they;ll get it done in S-center but for me ics is better than GB
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    Which Rom you use?

    galaxy s2 root box [aokp] siyah kernel if i dual boot ill go for VK casue i dont like MIUI
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    Help: Android stops music playback on SMS alerts

    download poweramp or just remove sms notification or put phone in vibration mode when ever u listen to music ya network problem may be modem issue [software] or hardware if u have warraty i suggest u to give it to customer care
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    windows phone or android

    go for android man trust me ,its way better than wp7 you can customize each and everything, root if u want to remove bloatware and lots of stable custom roms are there
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    Need advice

    hello, well i passed cbse 10th in 2009 with 60% and 1st puc [pcmc] with 62% after that due to some issues in college they dint give me hall ticket and lost a year.then same college gave me seat[whch i dint wanted to join but joined by force] and now i have a subject back which i think ill...
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    Rooting Galaxy S2

    1. When I root, will all my data be lost. I know I need to take a backup, but will all the contact and SMS will be deleted no but to be in safe side use mybackup or gobackup to backup your data 2. After rooting will i be able to revert to factory setting in case I have to go to service...
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