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    Log In User Name/Icon disappeared

    In one of the laptops of another Director in my office, all of a sudden Windows crashed in a peculiar way. It boots in the normal way, but then goes to the Log in screen, but there does not appear any user name/icon that can be clicked to log into. The same is the case when booted in all...
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    New Rediffmail

    Rediff has revamped its email service. Now you can search inside emails a la gmail, drag and drop mails into fiolders on the fly. download attachments without opening even the mails and preview the mails by just clicking a plus sign on the margin, without opening. Good spade work done by rediff.
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    Now it is Solaris LIVE!!!!

    Check this link for Belenix, from mera bhaarat mahan. http://belenix.sarovar.org/belenix_home.html
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    Problem in internet access through GPRS

    This might equally pertain to the Mobile forum. Anyway, while accessing GPRS internet (Airtel connection) on my office PC through a serial cable, I do not feel much problems. But on my laptop, through a USB cable, I always find a problem. Once when I disconnect and then again try to connect the...
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    'Headless' Windows Task Manager

    lately onmy laptop, when I call Task manager hiting Ctrl-Alt-Del, the window I get has no title bar at the head, it just shows the listing of applications, if I have to go to processes, Ctrl-Tab works fine. What could have happened? Again restoration through regedit?
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    What is AJAX support

    LAtely I amm some times getting this error in Opera: your browser does not suport AJAX. What does it mean?
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    LG G1600 cell phone with Airtel GPRS

    This is more than a week now that I bought a LG G1600 (a Class 10 GPRS mobile) and took Airtel connection (post paid at Rs 125 per month rental (all calls/sms local or STD at Rs 1.25 p.m.) under their Festival plan, PLUS the regular Rs 150 for Mobile Office connectivity). I requested Airtel for...
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    What are ASPI ATAPI etc

    Can anybody clear some confusion as to what are the terms associated with the CD burning. That is, what are ASPI drivers, why are they needed, nand what are the Windows Cd burning engine ASTI (or some thing like that if I am forgetting the correct name) and AMAPI?. And that also reminds me as to...
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    Branded HP systems do not accept Linux???

    This last week, there was a second experience with branded HP systems. earlier at one of the colleagues requested me to provide partitions in his HP Pavillion that had unpartitioned 80 GB HDD. I used some Linux CD (I think Yoper) to run QT Parted, and did the thing. But then Windows XP failed to...
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    Sudoku in spreadsheets

    Hope that membwers are aware about the lately popularb Soduku puzzles. I tried to generate it in a spreadsheet. Excel failed to generate a random number (even through its help) but OOO Calc did, but it repeated numbers. To tell frioends here, Ubuntu is a 9x9 grid, in each 3x3 grid, there should...
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    Where to get Ubuntu DVD

    In place of adding more to the already lengthy post, I am creating a new thread with new related questions. Where can I get Ubuntu DVD? if it has all the needed s/w in the repositiory (Universe?). And that brings another question. That may serve for my laptop with the Combo drive, whast about...
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    A general problem in Linux (May be all distros)

    Unlike Windows, in Linux the keyboard layouts selected remain active in all applications. And when you are using a language, say Hindi, and have to go to console, you have to change the keyboard again. And what I feel worst is that when I am using a Non-US English layout, and have to leave the...
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    Why Fedora or even gnome, or put it hard way, WHY LINUX??

    So now in place of again and again adding my error messages in long posts, I am posting a new thread. Earlier I posted my Linux woes that nobody replied to. Here again I am posting a few generalised questions. 1. I am unable to understand why all members have been voting, advocating and...
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    Ubuntu too sucks

    1. You cannot log in as root when you open it. All copying and pasting of files, creating of files that need Root permission have to be done in console. 2. Even in gnome, double clicking is required to open any thing even in File browser. It does not show the content just when a folder is...
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    USB stick drive letter

    My pen drive is always denoted by D Drive on my laptop (with other Win partitions as E and F. But in my office room desktop, it is at times accessible as Drive I at others it is J. Win partitions are of course C,D,E and F, G and H are CD and CDRW (XP Home is in D, the pirated XP Professional...
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    How to install Firefox extensions

    In my systems, when I click an xpi file, that is a Fire Fox extension, Firefox opens but nothing happens. I tried to open the extension window, and dragged xpi file there, still the extension does not get installed. What may be the treason?
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    Live CDS installation on Hard Disk

    In one of the recent messages in OS forum, it was mentioned that a live knoppix CD can be installed on the HDD by giving the command ?su knoppix ?install?. Since most (or all? I?m not sure) live CDs are Knoppix based, does it hold true for all Live CDS? That is can they be installed by issuing...
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    R-Connect on Ubuntu

    Anybody using internet through reliance mobile phones through their R-Connect on Ubuntu ? If so, please give a how-to.
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    Internet through Airtel GPRS

    I am inetersted in internet through GPRS, connecting to the PC/laptop, but there are several grey areas. Airtel offers this service, rather two GPRS services, Airtel Live and Mobile office, the Live is free and the Mobile Office has a monthly rental of Rs 99 in some and Rs 150 p.m. in other...
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    Win32 Services Virus

    In a system in my locality, there is this stubborn Win32 Services virus that is refusing to get killed. Though the system already had Norton 2005, it affected the system. When I tried to install some other programs on this machine, the SFX applications failed to get installed and reported CRC...
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