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    Dell Studio 15 Review

    I have reviewed Dell studio 15 SPecs :) Base config in india with following modifications... 1.ATI Card 3450 256 MB dedicated Memory - dont know if its DDR3!! anyone? 2.Backlit Keyboard and it rocks 3.One year complete cover Some things that were shipped with it include: - Bluetooth...
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    Moderating my computer on lan

    can neone suggest a way so that i can limit the previliges and resources to other computer on lan.... mine is private lan with switch being used to connect the computers ........ also can i restrict them for first copying a file rather than ... just opening from my compu..... moreover some...
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    suggest me upgrades....

    hi evryone i have following config at present.... intel 2.8GHz with HT .... ASrock 865G MOBO....with 64 MB onboard vram...8x AGP CARD 256 MB DDR RAM... 2.0 speaker creative... 17" monitor... now i wish to upgrade it .... like to play games (can play at low resolution...but wanna...
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    Asus A8N-VM CSM Motherboard

    me just upgrading my pc from intel 2.8 to AMD 3500+.... and ram--->2GB in this i would like a descent mobo....how is this one... Asus A8N-VM CSM Motherboard will i be able to play games on it.... plz suggest others too..... i would like to play games on it at medium or low...
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    firefox 2.0 beta ....out....

    download it here.... http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/bonecho-beta1-candidates/rc1/firefox-2.0b1.en-US.win32.installer.exe i think its a not a good improvement over all ur addons will get disabled ..... but by now i have found a cure: Extensions are...
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    help installin php

    hi evry one ... can some one give me step by step tutorial of installation of php.... and creating server.... i have read install.txt but really hard to go thru it as it has messed me up....... thanks in advance
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    vb 6.... how do i go ab2...

    hi evryone ...me jus learnin visual basic6 des days..... i have been followin visual basic from the ground up from gary cornell....TMH my problem is that i have learned over ab2 controls..., mouse gestures(some what) , file handling , OOP's... what should i go for next.... the thing...
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    All rapidshare tools in one go....

    edited............ sorry guys...................[mods plz lock this thread]
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    How to download videos from youtube?

    hey guys check this site out www.youtube.com has huge collection of videos..... MY problem .....can someone tell me how can i copy or download those videos meanwhile ...enjoy them
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    How to bypass Rapidshare Waiting Time?!

    Go to the hyperlink: http://anonymouse.org/ How to work it 1. Copy the link into your browser and press enter/return. 2. In the bit that says URL enter the rapidshare link. 3. When the Rapidshare page comes up click 'Free' 4. Scroll down and wait until it says Download: and...
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    trick for megaupload....no alexa toolbar

    this make ie beleive that alexa is installed run.....Regedit go to location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Micr0$0ft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform Create a alphanumeric value and left click on the right panel and selecting NEW on a white space...
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    password menace

    i know this post is being repeated no. of times but seeing them all i could not find my answer to question actually my younger brother set the password for administrator in windows XP while i was away and now he forgets that , i m back and has only a limited user account to work with ,many...
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    want to buy a laptop

    plz suggest me a laptop my budget INR 60,000
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    frends i wanna know what this skype is ?(in details) well there is lot of hype and hoopla about it these days i gotta know some one plz tell
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    drivers menace

    in my older comp i had motorola sm56 voice and fax modem i could not find xp drivers for it which could work can some one suggest
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    genuine windows

    guys that's really sick that even my window xp (illegal) is being shown LEGAL by windows validation assistant can some one explain
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    sms post missing

    can some one tell me a sms post address that i could not found
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    windows media player 10 problem

    when it starts it gives a message windows media player is not installed properly download it from microsoft site when i try to reinstall from any installation(this month dvd or auto patcher)i get message this version of windows media player is incompatible with current version of ur...
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    rip music -yahoo..................

    hey guys i listen to music on launchcast of yahoo messanger can i record them while they are being played
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    sound's hard

    can i trim only sound (in mp3 or in ogg) from a vcd file /mpeg file/or any other video file guys i m not challenging u al but i need it utterly
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