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    covert cds to DVD

    Hi All, I have a bunch of cd image files(.nrg files). i want to burn and place them on a single DVD so all the contents are on one DVD. How do i do it?. Any ideas? Regards, Manish
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    MS office problem

    Hi All, I am unable to attach attachments directly from Acrobat reader/MSEXCEL/MSWORD. I mean in office documents i cannot do 'send as attachment' and send an MS Excel or word file. The error I get is 'general mail failure. Quit MS excel,restart mail system and try again' . Earlier i was...
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    Speech to write software

    Hi All, Does anyone have any experience with speech recognition software. I want to just dictate notes on any voice recorder and get that thing to text. Does anyone know how to do this. Any direction in this will be appreciated. Best wishes, Manish
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    Buying new pc

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a new pc. My budget is around 50-55k. This is the config I have chosen 3.2-3.4- Intel dual core 16000 945G Mobo 6000 17"Flat monitor Samsung 6000 Lite on DVD writer 4000 120 GB HDD...
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